Three Colors: Blue
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Three Colors: Blue

98 min
Drama | Music | Mystery | Romance
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Krzysztof Kieslowski
Nominated for 3 Golden Globes. Another 21 wins & 7 nominations
Country: France
Release Date: 1993-09-08
Filming Locations: Piscine Pontoise - 19 Rue de Pontoise, Paris 5, Paris, France
Gross: $1,324,974 (USA)ESP 303,018,959 (Spain)
Juliette Binoche
Julie Vignon - de Courcy
Benoît Régent
Florence Pernel
Hélène Vincent
La journaliste (as Helene Vincent)
Philippe Volter
L'agent immobilier
Claude Duneton
Le médecin
Hugues Quester
Patrice (Mari de Julie)
Emmanuelle Riva
La mère
Florence Vignon
La copiste
Daniel Martin
Le voisin du dessous
Jacek Ostaszewski
Le flutiste
Catherine Therouenne
La voisine
Yann Trégouët
Antoine (as Yann Tregouet)
Alain Ollivier
Isabelle Sadoyan
La servante
Pierre Forget
Le Jardinier
Philippe Manesse
Arno Chevrier
Idit Cebula
Stanislas Nordey
Jacques Disses
Michel Lisowski
Yves Penay
Philippe Morier-Genoud
Julie Delpy
Zbigniew Zamachowski
Karol Karol (avec la participation de)
Alain Decaux
Piotr Jaxa
Photographer at funeral (uncredited)
Did you know?
When Olivier has tracked down Julie but is then ignored by her, there is a close-up of Julie allowing a sugar cube to soak up her coffee. Deeming that the sugar cube had to soak up the coffee in precisely 5 seconds, Krzysztof Kieslowski had his assistant director test multiple brands (which soaked with coffee anywhere from 3 to 11 seconds) to find one that took just the correct time.
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For the shot where Julie scrapes her hand along a stone wall, Juliette Binoche was originally supposed to wear a prosthetic to protect her hand, but it looked too obvious on camera. Binoche felt the scene was important enough that she actually dragged her unprotected hand along the wall, drawing real blood.
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At one point, we see Julie carrying a box which, as a close-up shows, has prominently written across it the word "blanco", Spanish for white; in the next shot we are looking at her from behind, and she pauses in the street as a man in blue passes her on her left and a woman in red passes her on her right. This is a subtle reference to the structure of the Three Colours trilogy - blue, white, red, in that order, mirroring the French flag. In another scene, children in red and white bathing suits run out and jump in the blue swimming pool.
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Julie mentions 'altos' as she describes the entrances of various instruments. The same word appears in the English subtitles as she speaks. The sound we hear, though, is not a group of female singers but a body of stringed instruments. In French the word 'alto' refers to a viola; the subtitle is a mistranslation.
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When Oliver tells Julie he will not incorporate her changes into the musical score, a boom mic is visible briefly as Julie puts down the phone.
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The speech given at the funeral states Julie's daughter's age as 5, but the dates on the coffin (26/04/1985 - 07/09/1992) would make her 7 years old.
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Julie Vignon: I appreciate what you did for me. But you see, I'm like any other woman. I sweat. I cough. I've cavities.
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Julie Vignon: Now I have only one thing left to do: nothing. I don't want any belongings, any memories. No friends, no love. Those are all traps.
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Julie Vignon: Why are you crying?
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Photos from cast
Julie Gayet Charlotte Véry