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USA:30 min
IMDB rate:
1 nomination
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Sony Pictures Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA
Will Sasso
Will Sasso
'Til Death
Jaimarie Bjorge
Jaimarie Bjorge
'Til Death
Brad Garrett
Eddie Stark
Joely Fisher
Joy Stark
Kat Foster
Steph Woodcock
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Jeff Woodcock
Did you know?
Joely Fisher was only 13-15 years older than each of the actresses who played her daughter Ally on the series.
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In the pilot the caption "Day 8,743" pops up when the Starks are introduced. This means they have been married for nearly 24 years.
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The exterior of the Stark's house was also used as the Kravitz's house in "Bewitched." In the pilot you can see the Stevens' house in the background across the street. The Stark's house exterior was also used for the Partridge family home and was remodeled after that show ended. The house used for the exterior shots for the Woodcock's home was also used as Tony Nelson's in "I dream of Jeannie"
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