Time Capsule: WW II - War in Europe
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Time Capsule: WW II - War in Europe

Documentary | War
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Country: USA
Ferde Grofé Jr.
Narrator (voice)
Winston Churchill
Himself (archive footage)
Karl Dönitz
Himself - After Capture, with Jodl and Speer (archive footage)
Hermann Göring
Himself - with Hitler (archive footage)
Adolf Hitler
Himself (archive footage)
Alfred Jodl
Himself - After Capture, with Dönitz and Speer (archive footage)
Wilhelm Keitel
Himself - Signs Surrender (archive footage)
King Victor Emmanuel III
Himself - with Hitler and Mussolini (archive footage)
Bernard L. Montgomery
Himself (archive footage)
Benito Mussolini
Himself - with Victor Emmanuel (archive footage)
George S. Patton
Himself - Sits in Jeep (archive footage)
Clara Petacci
Herself - Corpse Lying in Square (archive footage)
Erich Raeder
Himself - with Hitler and Jodl (archive footage)
Erwin Rommel
Himself (archive footage)
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Himself - Day of Infamy Speech (archive footage) (as Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
Otto Skorzeny
Himself - with Mussolini After Rescue (archive footage)
Albert Speer
Himself - After Capture, with Dönitz and Jodl (archive footage)
Julius Streicher
Himself - Handshake with Hitler (archive footage)
Joachim von Ribbentrop
Himself - with Hitler (archive footage)
Gerd von Rundstedt
Himself - Greeted by Other Officers (archive footage)