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98 min
Drama | History | Romance
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Jean Negulesco
Won Oscar. Another 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1953-08-21
Filming Locations: Stage 4, 20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $1,805,000
Gross: $4,905,000 (USA) Rentals $2,250,000 (USA)
Clifton Webb
Richard Ward Sturges
Robert Wagner
Gifford Rogers
Audrey Dalton
Annette Sturges
Thelma Ritter
Maude Young
Brian Aherne
Captain E. J. Smith
Richard Basehart
George Healey
Allyn Joslyn
Earl Meeker
James Todd
Sandy Comstock
Frances Bergen
Madeleine Astor
William Johnstone
John Jacob Astor
Patrick Aherne
Seaman (uncredited)
Merry Anders
College Girl (uncredited)
Salvador Baguez
Jean Pablo Uzcadum (uncredited)
Barry Bernard
First Officer Murdock
Eugene Borden
Dock Official (uncredited)
George Boyce
Undetermined Role
Hamilton Camp
Messenger Boy (uncredited)
Harper Carter
Norman Sturges (uncredited)
Donald Chaffin
Steward (uncredited)
Robin Sanders Clark
Junior Officer (uncredited)
Harry Cording
Boiler Room Engineer (uncredited)
John Costello
Undetermined Role
Nicolas Coster
Seaman (uncredited)
William Cottrell
Harry - Bar Steward (uncredited)
Ashley Cowan
Phillips - Wireless Operator (uncredited)
Herbert Deans
Junior Officer (uncredited)
John Dodsworth
Stoker Exclaiming 'For God's Sake!' (uncredited)
Anthony Eustrel
Sanderson - White Star Representative (uncredited)
Conrad Feia
College Boy (uncredited)
Michael Ferris
Steward (uncredited)
Charles B. Fitzsimons
Chief Officer Wilde
Elizabeth Flournoy
Woman with Baby
John Fraser
Steward (uncredited)
Dennis Frazer
Bride - Wireless Operator (uncredited)
Gloria Gordon
College Girl (uncredited)
Roy Gordon
Isador Strauss
Ivis Goulding
Emma - First Class Stewardess (uncredited)
Lee Graham
Symons - Lookout (uncredited)
Ralph Grosh
Steward (uncredited)
Camillo Guercio
Benjamin Guggenheim
Michael Hadlow
Messenger (uncredited)
Ron Hagerthy
College Boy (uncredited)
Sam Harris
Passenger (uncredited)
Ivan Hayes
Officer (uncredited)
Joan Hayes
Undetermined Role
David Hoffman
Ship's Tailor (uncredited)
Robin Hughes
Junior Officer (uncredited)
Charles Keane
Stoker (uncredited)
Melinda Markey
College Girl (uncredited)
Mae Marsh
Woman to Whom Norman Gave His Seat (uncredited)
Alan Marston
Quartermaster (uncredited)
Owen McGiveney
Steward (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Passenger (uncredited)
Marta Mitrovich
Mrs. Jean Uzcadum (uncredited)
Alberto Morin
Waiter (uncredited)
Joyce Newhard
Undetermined Role
James O'Hara
Devlin - Lookout (uncredited)
Patrick O'Moore
Relief Man (uncredited)
Richard Peel
Undetermined Role
Edmund Purdom
Second Officer Lightoller
Michael Rennie
End Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Gordon Richards
Mr. Webster - Manager of Clothing Shop (uncredited)
Duke Seba
Undetermined Role
Christopher Severn
Flag Messenger (uncredited)
Guy Standing Jr.
George D. Widener
Bert Stevens
Passenger (uncredited)
David Thursby
Seaman (uncredited)
Helen Van Tuyl
Ida Strauss
Richard West
College Boy (uncredited)
Chalky Williams
Passenger (uncredited)
Did you know?
The filming of the disaster had a powerful effect on Barbara Stanwyck, who recalled: "The night we were making the scene of the dying ship in the outdoor tank at Twentieth, it was bitter cold. I was 47 feet up in the air in a lifeboat swinging on the davits. The water below was agitated into a heavy rolling mass and it was thick with other lifeboats full of women and children. I looked down and thought: If one of these ropes snaps now, it's goodbye for you. Then I looked up at the faces lined along the rail - those left behind to die with the ship. I thought of the men and women who had been through this thing in our time. We were re-creating an actual tragedy and I burst into tears. I shook with great racking sobs and couldn't stop."
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Film debut of Edmund Purdom (uncredited, as Second Officer Lightoller).
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To ensure authenticity, the producers recruited a former captain of the Queen Elizabeth as a technical consultant, and no background music was played during the feature film-the only music heard was that of the musicians aboard the ship.
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As depicted later in Titanic, the ship broke in two while still afloat, the stern section first righting itself and then turning on end. However, these facts were not established until after its remains were found in 1985. Eyewitness testimony at the inquiries had been conflicting, and the accepted version in 1953 was that the Titanic had sunk intact.
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When the lifeboats are being lowered the portholes are shown as perfectly level indicating the ship is not at an angle which it was.
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Early scenes during the sinking show the engineering areas experiencing severe listing, whilst the lounge where passengers are playing cards has no tilt whatsoever. As the ship was not made of rubber, the tilt must have been the same.
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Earl Meeker: Hey, you can't come up here. This is reserved for first class only.
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Annette Sturges: Mama, you should have protested. It's a really bad table. There's not a person we know at the end of this room.
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Second Officer Lightoller: [while loading Collapsable D] Please sit down the moment you get in the boat.
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A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
How does the movie end?
Norman gives up his seat on the lifeboat and goes looking for his dad. While attempting to untangle a lifeboat pulley, Giff (Robert Wagner) falls into the water and is pulled onto a lifeboat. A round of explosions rock the ship, and Norman and Richard see each other. Richard tries to get Norman on another lifeboat, but they have all left. Hugging his son, Richard assures him that he loves him. As the band plays and the remaining passengers sing 'Nearer my God to Thee', explosions again erupt. The Titanic's bow sinks lower and lower into the water, until the ship disappears completely. In the final scene, the lifeboats can be seen floating amidst chunks of ice, and the narrator says, 'Thus, on April 15 1912 at 02:20 hours, as the passengers and crew sang a Welsh hymn, RMS Titanic passed from the British registry. Seven hundred and twelve (712) people in 19 lifeboats survived.'
When exactly did the real Titanic sail?
She left Southampton, England on Wednesday 10 April 1912 and took on more passengers at Cherbourg, France and Queenstown, Ireland (now called Cobh) later that day. On Sunday 14 at 11:40 p.m. (ship time) she struck an iceberg 400 miles (650 km) south of Newfoundland and went under at 2:20 a.m.
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Photos from cast
Barbara Stanwyck