To Please a Lady
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To Please a Lady

91 min
Action | Romance | Sport
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Clarence Brown
Country: USA
Release Date: 1950-10-13
Filming Locations: Arlington Downs Racetrack - 2225 E. Randol Mill Road, Arlington, Texas, USA
Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
To Please a Lady
Clark Gable
Mike Brannan
Adolphe Menjou
Will Geer
Jack Mackay
Roland Winters
Dwight Barrington
William C. McGaw
Joie Chitwood
Lela Bliss
Regina's Secretary
Emory Parnell
Mr. Wendall
Frank Jenks
Press Agent
Helen Spring
Bill Hickman
Mike's Pit Crew
J. Lewis Smith
Mike's Pit Crew (as Lew Smith)
Ted Husing
Erville Alderson
Newspaper Editor (uncredited)
Henry Banks
Driver (uncredited)
Chet Brandenburg
Pit Crew Member (uncredited)
Morgan Brown
Racing Spectator (uncredited)
Hal K. Dawson
IMRA Promoter (uncredited)
Marcel De la Brosse
Minor Role (uncredited)
Dominic 'Pee Wee' Distarce
Driver (uncredited)
Bess Flowers
Greengrove Race Spectator (uncredited)
Cay Forester
Minor Role (uncredited)
Byron Foulger
Shoe Fitter (uncredited)
John Gallaudet
IMRA Promoter (uncredited)
Joe Garson
Joe Youghal (uncredited)
Cecil Green
Minor Role (uncredited)
Tom Hanlon
Greengrove Race Announcer (uncredited)
Jerry Hausner
Spotter in Husing's Booth (uncredited)
Harry Hayden
Bainsville Track Owner (uncredited)
Holmes Herbert
Benson - Regina's Butler (uncredited)
Al Hill
Steward #1 (uncredited)
Art Howard
Racing Spectator (uncredited)
Frank Hyers
Minor Role (uncredited)
Richard Joy
Television Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Arthur M. Loew Jr.
Studio Production Man (uncredited)
Jack McGrath
Minor Role (uncredited)
John McGuire
Newark Referee (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Racing Spectator (uncredited)
Carlotta Monti
Minor Role (uncredited)
William Newell
Hank Harmon (uncredited)
Anne O'Neal
Nurse (uncredited)
Ernest Ohman
Minor Role (uncredited)
Johnnie Parsons
Driver (uncredited)
Lee Phelps
Steward #2 (uncredited)
Tom Quinn
Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Jean Ransome
Minor Role (uncredited)
Marilyn Rich
Minor Role (uncredited)
Mauri Rose
Himself - Indianapolis 500 Driver, Car #31 (archive footage) (uncredited)
Tim Ryan
Minor Role (uncredited)
Dick Simmons
Regina's Radio Show Announcer (uncredited)
Stephen Soldi
Racing Spectator (uncredited)
Bert Stevens
Race Track Spectator (uncredited)
Johnny Tolan
Driver (uncredited)
William H. Welsh
Sports Announcer (uncredited)
Did you know?
At 20:26 in the film, a close-up shows the Sports Final section of the Bainsville daily paper. Under Barbara Stanwyck's photograph (as Regina Forbes) three pictures of "sports stars" are shown: Kathryn Grayson, Walter Pidgeon and Gene Kelly. This must have been an inside-joke as the film and the stars shown were all under contract with MGM.
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Clark Gable wanted the name of the movie changed because shortly before filming he married Lady Silvia Ashley and did not want people to make comparisons.
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Its failure caused Clark Gable to fall out of the Top Ten Box Office stars list.
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During the "pit race", the closer shots were filmed with prominent "Mike Brannan" and "Brannan Spl." on the pit wall, but after a cut, the real #17 car is shown in actual race footage, which has no "Mike Brannan Spl." painted on the car just forward of the windshield, a tire obscures most of Joie Chitwood's name on the pit wall, and the pit wall is marked "Wolfe Spl.".
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Because footage shot during the actual 1950 Indy 500 was used, Mauri Rose can be seen exiting the pits driving past the pit for the real car #17, Joie Chitwood (Mauri Rose and Joie Chitwood's pits were next to each other during the 1950 500 race).
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Mike Brannan: Give me six feet and I get through anywhere.
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Mike Brannan: [Angry about a newspaper headline about him] Did Regina Forbes tell you to print that?
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Regina Forbes: Mike, could we start all over?
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Barbara Stanwyck
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