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To Sir, with Love

105 min
IMDB rate:
James Clavell
1 win & 2 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1967-06-14
Filming Locations: Tower Bridge, London, England, UK
Budget: $640,000
Gross: $42,432,803 (USA) Rentals $19,100,000 (USA)
Judy Geeson
Judy Geeson
To Sir, with Love
Sidney Poitier
Mark Thackeray
Christian Roberts
Suzy Kendall
Gillian Blanchard
Ann Bell
Mrs. Dare
Geoffrey Bayldon
Theo Weston
Faith Brook
Grace Evans
Patricia Routledge
Clinty Clintridge
Chris Chittell
Potter (as Christopher Chittell)
Adrienne Posta
Moira Joseph
Edward Burnham
Rita Webb
Mrs. Joseph
Fiona Duncan
Euphemia Phillips
Fred Griffiths
Mr. Clark
Mona Bruce
Josie Dawes
Marianne Stone
Dervis Ward
Mr. Bell (P.T. Teacher)
Peter Atard
Ingham (as Peter Attard)
Sally James
(as Sally Cann)
Grahame Charles
Michael Des Barres
Williams (also as Micheal Des Barres)
Margaret Heald
Ellison Kemp
Albert Lampert
Chitra Neogy
Elna Pearl
Bonnie Lythgoe
(as Bonita Shawe)
Anthony Villaroel
Richard Willson
Stewart Bevan
Carla Challoner
Joseph Cuby
Sally Gosselin
Kevin Hubbard
Howard Knight
Lynne Sue Moon
Miss Wong
Jayne Peach
Jeanie Clarke (as Jane Peach)
Gareth Robinson
Tich Jackson
Roger Shepherd
'Fats' Buckley
Stephen Whittaker
Ric Rothwell
Band member (drums, vocals) (as 'The Mindbenders')
Bob Lang
Band member (bassist) (as 'The Mindbenders')
Eric Stewart
Band member - guitar & vocals (as 'The Mindbenders')
Barbara 'Babs' Pegg
Cyril Shaps
Mr. Pinkus (uncredited)
Donna Shawe
Miss (uncredited)
Did you know?
The South African Publications Control Board banned this film, claiming that it was "offensive to see a Black male teaching a class of white children".
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The first movie role for Michael Des Barres.
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Judy Geeson and Lulu were both reunited with Sidney Poitier in the TV sequel To Sir, with Love II (1996) directed by Peter Bogdanovich
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Shadow of the camera on Thackeray as he approaches the students at the funeral.
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When The Mindbenders play the graduation dance, they are very obviously performing a lip-sync to studio recordings. A piano is audible, though no one visible is playing one. The guitar heard is a 12-string, though Eric Stewart is seen playing a 6-string Gibson Les Paul. Eric Stewart's lead vocals are very obviously double-tracked, a common technique for hiding performances with pitch issues.
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After Thackery punches Denham in the stomach during the boxing match, he tells Denham to put his head down. Denham then bends over at the waist. When the shot changes to a more forward view Denham is more upright & Thackery again tells him to put his head down. There was not enough time for Deham to have straightened up.
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Pamela Dare: [reading from her school book] And he had learned to love, I know not why, for this in such as him seemed strange of mood. But thus it was and though in solitude's small part the nipped affections have to grow, in him this glowed when all beside had ceased to glow.
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Mark Thackeray: It seems you know so little, and are so easily amused, I can look forward to a very happy time.
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Denham: [to Pamela Dare] I know what's bothering you! You fancy him!
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How does the movie end?
Mark is finally offered a job as an engineer and is looking forward to leaving. The students invite him to the passing out dance. Pamela asks him to dance during a ladies' choice while Babs (Lulu) sings the theme song, To Sir, with Love. When the students give him a present, Mark is so touched that tears well up in his eyes, and he has to leave the dance. As he sits at his desk looking at the pewter mug that was his present, two rowdy students enter the classroom and announce that they will be in his class next term. When they leave the room, Mark stands up, pulls the job offer from his pocket, and tears it up.
What is 'To Sir, With Love' about?
Unemployed engineer Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier), a black British Guyannan living in London, accepts his first job teaching at North Quay Secondary School in London's East End. What he gets is a mob of white, unruly, defiant seniors, particularly class tough Bert Denham (Christian Roberts) and precocious Pamela Dare (Judy Geeson), both of whom excel at one thing...teacher baiting. With no prior teaching experience, Mark must dig deep into himself and into his students, to find a way to keep his head until his long-sought for engineering job comes through.
What were all those letters that Thackeray kept dropping in the post box?
Job applications. Thackeray was offered the teaching job midterm when the previous teacher quit. He took the job because he hadn't been able to secure a job using his Engineering degree. Still, he didn't give up mailing applications in a search for a better job.
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