Trapped Ashes
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Trapped Ashes

105 min
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Sean S. Cunningham
Country: USA
Filming Locations: The Suisyoin Temple, Izu City, Shizuoka, Japan
Jayce Bartok
Andy (story segments "Wraparound")
Henry Gibson
Tour Guide (story segments "Wraparound")
Lara Harris
Julia (story segments "Wraparound")
Scott Lowell
Henry (story segments "Wraparound")
Dick Miller
Max (story segments "Wraparound")
Michèle-Barbara Pelletier
Nathalie (story segments "Wraparound") / Martine (segment "My Twin, The Worm") (as Michele-Barbara Pelletier)
John Saxon
Leo (story segments "Stanley's Girlfriend")
Rachel Veltri
Phoebe (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Richard Ian Cox
Doug (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Glynis Davies
Nurse (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Scott Heindl
Zack (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Rob deLeeuw
Ben (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts") (as Rob De Leeuw)
Mina E. Mina
Dr. Judith (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Winston Rekert
Dr. Larry (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Ken Russell
Dr. Lucy (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
John R. Taylor
Dr. Charlotte (segment "The Girl with Golden Breasts")
Yoshinori Hiruma
Seishin (segment "Jibaku")
Ryo Ishibashi
Head Monk (segment "Jibaku")
Yôzaburô Itô
Architect (segment "Jibaku") (as Yozaburo Ito)
Hisayoshi Kawamatsu
Young Monk #1 (segment "Jibaku")
Kyûya Nakagawa
Young Monk #2 (segment "Jibaku") (as Kyuya Nakagawa)
Ashley Breger
Girl in Photo #1 (segment "Stanley's Girlfriend")
Amelia Cooke
Nina (segment "Stanley"s Girlfriend")
Amy Markle
Girl in Graveyard (segment "Stanley"s Girlfriend")
Andy Maton
Old Stanley in Film (segment "Stanley's Girlfriend")
Tahmoh Penikett
Young Leo (segment "Stanley"s Girlfriend")
Tygh Runyan
Young Stanley (segment "Stanley's Girlfriend")
Katrina Trotzuk
Girl in Photo #2 (segment "Stanley's Girlfriend")
Matreya Fedor
Young Nathalie (segment "My Twin, The Worm")
Luke Macfarlane
Vincent (segment "My Twin, The Worm")
Deanna Milligan
Annie (segment "My Twin, The Worm")
Charles Siegel
Martine's Father (segment "My Twin, The Worm")
Jerry Wasserman
Dr. Stengel (segment "My Twin, The Worm")
Michasha Armstrong
Police #1 (uncredited)
Richard Heaven
Studio Executive (uncredited)
Jennifer Shirley
Sister-in-law (uncredited)
(at around 15 mins) In the first sequence, where the girl is about to have surgery, they hold the gas mask several inches from her face and never place it against her face.
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