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Adventure | Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Country: USA
Minnie Driver
Anne (voice)
Richard Attenborough
John Hammond
Did you know?
Originally, Anne was to have two hands, but the controls proved too complicated to implement. In the finished game, she only has one arm, while the other is supposedly broken. The controls for the one remaining arm and hand are so infamously difficult to master that they have become perhaps the most ridiculed part of the game.
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The VHS cassettes you find in the town area, in Henry Wu's place and in a worker's home, are labeled 'Zombie Love', 'Buried' and 'Chompers'.
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The game was revolutionary in the way it used real-time foley to create its sound effects. Every time two objects made contact, they would produce slightly different sounds based on what types of material (flesh, metal, wood, rock, etc.) were colliding.
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Hammond's narration at one point says that 65 million years is equal to 65 thousand centuries. It's actually 650 thousand centuries, or 65 thousand millennia.
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John Hammond's narration claims that the Brachiosaurus was the "only true Jurassic native" of Jurassic Park. This is not true: Stegosaurus, which also appears in the game, was another Jurassic dinosaur, as well as Dilophosaurus and Compsognathus from the movies. He is also mistaken in labeling it the oldest dinosaur in the Park. Dilophosaurus lived tens of millions of years earlier.
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Hammond claims that the Velociraptors seen in Jurassic Park originally lived in Mongolia. While this is true for real-life Velociraptors, the "raptors" in Jurassic Park were actually based on a closely related North American dinosaur called Deinonychus, which some scientists at the time of the original novel's writing considered to be a species of Velociraptor.
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John Hammond: I always believed Nedry left himself a back door something about the hobbits or god knows what.
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