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USA:125 min | Argentina:127 min
Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
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Joseph Kosinski
Nominated for Oscar. Another 10 wins & 40 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2010-12-17
Filming Locations: 9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City, California, USA
Budget: $170,000,000
Opening Weekend: $44,026,211 (USA) (19 December 2010)
Gross: $172,062,763 (USA) (14 April 2011)
Amy Esterle
Amy Esterle
TRON: Legacy
Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy
TRON: Legacy
Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde
TRON: Legacy
Jeff Bridges
Kevin Flynn
Garrett Hedlund
Sam Flynn
Bruce Boxleitner
Alan Bradley
James Frain
Beau Garrett
Michael Sheen
Anis Cheurfa
Yaya DaCosta
Siren #3
Elizabeth Mathis
Siren #4
Kis Yurij
Half Faced Man (as Yurij Kis)
Conrad Coates
Daft Punk
Masked DJ's
Ron Selmour
Chattering Homeless Man
Dan Joffre
Key Security Guard #1 - Ernie
Darren Dolynski
Young Man on Recognizer
Kofi Yiadom
Disc Opponent #2 / Black Guard
Steven Lisberger
Donnelly Rhodes
Grandpa Flynn
Belinda Montgomery
Grandma Flynn
Owen Best
7 Year Old Sam Flynn
Matt Ward
Iso Boy
Zoe Fryklund
Iso Girl
Dean Redman
Light Jet Sentry
Mi-Jung Lee
Debra Chung
Christopher Logan
Nervous Program
Sheldon Yamkovy
Destitute Program
Dale Wolfe
Irv Culpepper
Joanne Wilson
Reporter #1
Catherine Lough Haggquist
Reporter #2
Thomas Bradshaw
Security Guard #2
Shafin Karim
East Indian Taxi Driver
Rob Daly
Lead Sentry
Mike Ching
Blue Gaming Program
Michael Teigen
Green Gaming Program
Brent Stait
Purple Gaming Program
Shaw Madson
Reporter #3
Cody Laudan
End of the Line Club Bouncer
Jeffrey Nordling
Richard Mackey
Christine Adams
Claire Atkinson
Kate Gajdosik
News Anchor
Jack McGee
Police Photographer
Dawn Mander
Crying Program
Michael Logie
Kevin Flynn Performance Double
John Reardon
Young Kevin Flynn
Edie Mirman
Computer Voice
Allen Jo
Black Guard / Disc Opponent #1
Aaron Toney
Black Guard
Kim Do Nguyen
Black Guard
Patrick Sabongui
Gaming Program 1 - S
Will Erichson
Gaming Program 2 - S
Odain Watson
Male Executive (uncredited)
Did you know?
Kevin Flynn sets down a metallic polyhedron on the fireplace mantle. Later, when CLU comes in his house, he picks up this same metallic polyhedron. This is a direct homage to TRON (1982) since this is a Bit which assisted both the original CLU and Flynn.
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In a reference to the first film, a song by the rock band Journey, "Worlds Apart (Separate Ways)", appears in the film. The songs in the first film included "Only Solutions" and "1990s Theme"
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A notable absence in this sequel are the tanks, but you can still see a sort of cameo by one of them on the street below after Sam is first captured and a second time in the background when he returns to the city in the vintage light cycle.
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After their BASE jump from the top of the Rectifier, Sam's disc is not on his back during his close-up with Quorra, but it is in the other shots.
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During the motorcycle chase, the motorcycle officer uses radar on Sam speeding through the tunnel. The officer's radar indicates 86 mph for lock speed and 103 mph for patrol speed. Patrol speed would be the speed of the officer if he were moving but since he was stationary, his patrol speed would be zero mph.
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When Rinzler captures Quorra and escorts her to Clu, the picture is mirrored (one can clearly see her costume and haircut being reversed).
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Kevin Flynn: [sees Sam rescue Quorra] Radical, man.
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Sam Flynn: Alan, you're acting like I'm going to find him sittin' at work, just, "Hey, kiddo, lost track of time."
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Kevin Flynn: [as he's being chased by Tron] Tron, what have you become?
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Is Tron in this movie the original program from the first movie?
Yes. Flynn had the original Tron security program transferred to the new grid that he created.
Is the entire film in 3-D?
No, it is not, but that is due to the filmmaker's wishes. The "real world" footage is presented in 2-D, and the "Electronic world" footage is presented in 3-D, as per the filmmaker's intentions. A disclaimer clarifies this before the opening credits in the 3-D versions of the film and advises that the audience put on their 3-D glasses right then and there due to the Disney logo and the opening credits being presented in 3-D.
What does 'de-rez' mean?
It is short for de-resolution, the electronic equivalent of death. When a program in Tron de-rezzes, it ceases to exist.
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Amy Esterle Cillian Murphy Olivia Wilde Serinda Swan