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True Blue

118 min
Drama | Sport
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Ferdinand Fairfax
Country: UK
Release Date: 1996-11-15
Filming Locations: Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England, UK
Johan Leysen
Daniel Topolski
Dominic West
Donald MacDonald
Dylan Baker
Michael Suarez, S.J.
Josh Lucas
Dan Warren
Brian McGovern
Rick Ross
Noah Huntley
Nick Bonham
Edward Atterton
Freddy Prideaux-Jones
Ryan Bollman
Morrison Black
Andrew Clover
Rob Atkins
Jonathan Cake
Patrick Conner
Tom Hollander
Sam Peterson
Nicholas Rowe
David Ball
Patrick Malone
Mike Johnson
Alexis Denisof
Ed Fox
Andrew Tees
John Smythson
Robert Bogue
Jeff Chambers
Clive Merrison
Jack Garnet
Danny Webb
Alan Palmer
Bill Nighy
Jeremy Saville
Timothy Bateson
Helena Michell
Darcey Bussell
David Quilter
Cambridge Coach
Andy Girling
Cambridge President
Daniel Topolski
Dave Bushnell
Rowing Squad
Edward Clegg
Rowing Squad
Rob Dauncey
Rowing Squad
Alex Duncan
Rowing Squad
Susie Ellis
Rowing Squad
Jim Goodwin
Rowing Squad
Mark Hussey
Rowing Squad
John Kawaja
Rowing Squad
Rob Perry
Rowing Squad
Justin Waller
Rowing Squad
Harry Fielder
Reporter on Boat (uncredited)
Dawn McDaniel
Sloane (uncredited)
Did you know?
The Cambridge crew in this film were played by members of the rowing squad from Imperial College, London, including several members of the British international squad.
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Consecutive (in the final cut) shots of the race are inter-cut from takes made at very different states of the tide. The water level in the river goes up and down like a yo-yo between them.
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The Cambridge crew used "cleaver" blades, which weren't invented for three years after the film was set.
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The depiction of the race includes real footage of the Boat Race in 1997 - the problem being that the crews are the wrong way round. This can be seen during one of the cuts between actor crew and actual Boat Race footage.
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Daniel Topolski: Come on Oxford!
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Daniel Topolski: This is England! It's always cold here...
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Morrison Black: So tell me something - what is it that makes Topolski such a hot shot?
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Photos from cast
Geraldine Somerville