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Two Rode Together

109 min
IMDB rate:
John Ford
1 win
Country: USA
Release Date: 1961-07-26
Filming Locations: Alamo Village - Highway 674, Brackettville, Texas, USA
James Stewart
Marshal Guthrie McCabe
Richard Widmark
First Lt. Jim Gary
Shirley Jones
Marty Purcell
Linda Cristal
Elena de la Madriaga
Andy Devine
Sgt. Darius P. Posey
John McIntire
Maj. Frazer
Paul Birch
Judge Edward Purcell
Willis Bouchey
Mr. Harry J. Wringle
Henry Brandon
Chief Quanah Parker
Harry Carey Jr.
Ortho Clegg
Olive Carey
Mrs. Abby Frazer
Ken Curtis
Greeley Clegg
Chet Douglas
Deputy Ward Corby
Annelle Hayes
Belle Aragon
David Kent
Running Wolf
Anna Lee
Mrs. Malaprop
Jeanette Nolan
Mrs. Mary McCandless
John Qualen
Ole Knudsen
Ford Rainey
Rev. Henry Clegg
Woody Strode
Stone Calf
O.Z. Whitehead
Lt. Chase
Frank Baker
Capt. Malaprop (uncredited)
Bobette Bentley
Minor Role (uncredited)
Danny Borzage
Trooper (uncredited)
Edward Brophy
Minor Role (uncredited)
Regina Carrol
Wakanana (uncredited)
Ruth Clifford
Woman (uncredited)
George Fisher
Bartender (uncredited)
Rian Garrick
Lieutenant Upton (uncredited)
Eunice Grey
Mother of Indian Stolen Child (uncredited)
Big John Hamilton
Settler (uncredited)
Janet Hamilton
Girl (uncredited)
Sam Harris
Post Doctor (uncredited)
Chuck Hayward
Trooper (uncredited)
William Henry
Gambler (uncredited)
Tex Holden
Settler (uncredited)
Connie James
Girl (uncredited)
Robert Kenneally
Officer (uncredited)
James Kirkwood
Officer (uncredited)
Ted Knight
Lt. Upton (uncredited)
Cliff Lyons
William McCandless (uncredited)
Ted Mapes
Settler (uncredited)
Mae Marsh
Hanna Clegg (uncredited)
Boyd 'Red' Morgan
Gambler (uncredited)
Tracey Morgan
Girl (uncredited)
Suzanne Noel
Girl (uncredited)
Yvonne Peattie
Woman (uncredited)
Jack Pennick
Sergeant (uncredited)
Rudy Robbins
Minor Role (uncredited)
Chuck Roberson
Comanche (uncredited)
Edward Sheehan
Officer (uncredited)
Dean Smith
Officer (uncredited)
Ed Sweeney
Officer (uncredited)
Edmundo Trevino
Bartender (uncredited)
Julian Trevino
Indian (uncredited)
Bill Williams
Officer (uncredited)
Teri York
Girl (uncredited)
Did you know?
Richard Widmark was initially reluctant to make the film, since he felt he was 15 years too old for the young lieutenant he played.
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Richard Widmark and James Stewart both wore hairpieces, and they both had hearing problems. At one point during filming John Ford shouted, "Great, so this is what my career has come to - directing two deaf hairpieces!".
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The film was widely regarded as a generally light-hearted variation on an earlier John Ford western, The Searchers (1956).
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About 1:16 into the film, when the townspeople are discussing the fate of the boy rescued from the Commanches; Willis Bouchey, John Qualen and Paul Birch turn and walk out, passing Shirley Jones and those remaining in the room. Qualen and Richard Widmark then have a brief shot at the doorway and Qualen exits. The next shot shows the group, including Qualen, again walking past Jones and the others on their way to the door.
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When Marty gets up from getting water at the creek, the knees of her trousers are wet. However, they are dry in the next shot as she and Jim are walking back to camp.
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Belle Aragon: You'd think a woman of my experience would know more about men.
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Belle Aragon: Beer suit you?
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First Lt. Jim Gary: You're not gonna start a fire! Why don't you just send up smoke signals?
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