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U.S. Marshals

131 min
Action | Crime | Thriller
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Stuart Baird
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1998-03-06
Filming Locations: 444 N. Michigan Avenue, Near North Side, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Budget: $60,000,000
Opening Weekend: $16,863,988 (USA) (8 March 1998)
Gross: $57,823,170 (USA) (26 July 1998)
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr.
U.S. Marshals
Kate Nelligan
Kate Nelligan
U.S. Marshals
Tommy Lee Jones
Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard
Wesley Snipes
Mark J. Sheridan
Joe Pantoliano
Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro
Daniel Roebuck
Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs
Tom Wood
Deputy Marshal Noah Newman
LaTanya Richardson
Deputy Marshal Savannah Cooper
Irène Jacob
Marie Bineaux, Mark's Girlfriend
Patrick Malahide
Bertram Lamb, Security Service Director
Rick Snyder
Special Agent Frank Barrows
Michael Paul Chan
Xian Chen, U.N. Cultural Attache of China
Johnny Lee Davenport
Deputy Marshal Henry
Donald Li
Detective Kim
Marc Vann
Deputy Jackson
Michael Guido
Distracted Driver
Robert Mohler
Young Cop
Richard Lexsee
Female Cop
Karen Vaccaro
Hospital Cashier
David Kersner
Desk Sergeant (as David Kersnar)
Tony Fitzpatrick
Greg Conroy
Donald Gibb
Mike Conroy (as Don Gibb)
Cynthia Baker
Mama Conroy, Woman in Drug House (as Cynthia S. Baker)
Susan Hart
Greg's Girlfriend
Vaitiare Hirshon
Stacia Vela (as Vaitiare Bandera)
Don Herion
Detective Caldwell
Len Bajenski
Deputy Hollander
Matt DeCaro
Deputy Stern
Thomas Rosales Jr.
727 Prisoner
James Sie
Vincent Ling
Christian Payton
727 Deputy #5
Steve King
727 Pilot
Tracy Letts
Sheriff Poe
Mark Morettini
Cop #1
Kent Reed
Trooper with Dogs
Ray Toler
Earl, Truck Driver Hostage
Brenda Pickleman
Martha, Earl's Wife
Norman Max Maxwell
Roadblock Trooper (as Max Maxwell)
Peter Burns
State Trooper Captain
Roy Hytower
Ian Barford
Royce's Guide
Robert Kurcz
Kidnapped Man
Rose Abdoo
Donna (as Rose M. Abdoo)
Lorenzo Clemons
Stephen Cinabro
Undercover Deputy (as Stephen A. Cinabro)
Cliff Frazier
Minister (as Clifford T. Frazier)
Mindy Bell
Deputy Holt
Richard Thomsen
Yasen Peyankov
Meg Thalken
Saks Saleswoman
Lennox Brown
Man in Green Cap
Varen Black
Network Reporter
Ammar Daraiseh
Drugstore Clerk
Romanos Isaac
Ship's First Officer
Richard Pickren
Lynn Wilde
Caldwell's Wife
Amy D. Jacobson
New York Reporter
Cliff Teinert
Swamp Tracker
Ellen Hearn
Reporter #4
Janet L. Contursi
Chicago Nurse (as Janet Contursi)
George J. Hyner Jr.
New York Paramedic #1
Wendell Thomas
New York Paramedic #2
E. Glenn Ward Jr.
Elderly Resident #1
Marie Ware
Elderly Resident #2
Rick Le Fevour
Deputy #10
James Fierro
Deputy #6 (as Jim Fierro)
Michael Braun
727 Co-Pilot
Perry D. Sullivan
727 Navigator
Tony Paris
Newman's Guide
Eddie J. Fernandez
Detective #1 (as Ed Fernandez)
Rich Wilkie
Detective #2 (as Richard Wilkie)
Rick Edwards
727 Deputy #7
Chick Bernhardt
Royce's Guide (as Dale Chick Bernhardt)
Tressana Alouane
Mike's Girlfriend
Ralph J. Lucci
Louis Young
Reporter #3
David A. Bales
Man in Taxi
Vince DeMentri
Chris Bean
Bar Patron
Terry G. Rochford
NTSB Agent
Spitfire Brown
Cop (uncredited)
Ed Cray
727 Prisoner (uncredited)
David Michael Fordham
727 Prisoner (uncredited)
Reese Foster
Police Officer (uncredited)
Charlie Jett
Accident Witness (uncredited)
Thomas Kosik
Hot Dog Vendor (uncredited)
Robert Minkoff
Bit (uncredited)
Kevin Mukherji
Ship Foreman (uncredited)
Tony Rossi
Doorman (uncredited)
Bruce Spielbauer
Charity Ball Guest (uncredited)
Nick Stellate
Commuter (uncredited)
Did you know?
Samuel L. Jackson was originally cast as Mark Sheridan.
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In the original script, Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) was introduced dressed up as a priest. Director Stuart Baird and costume designer Louise Frogley didn't find this interesting enough, so they came up with the idea of the chicken outfit.
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The swamp scenes were shot on Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee, in the same location as was used for Raintree County (1957) and In the Heat of the Night (1967).
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The plane shows Chicago's skyline on the port (left) side, indicating they are heading north. If they were heading to Memphis, Chicago should be on the starboard (right) side.
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Part of this movie was filmed at Reelfoot Lake, in Tennessee. In the end-titles, the lake is misspelled as "Realfoot Lake".
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When Sheridan jumps onto the train from the roof of the station, an airbag is visible on the other side of the train.
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Mark J. Sheridan: [punches Barrows in the face and draws his gun] You son of a bitch. Why did you do it? Why did you do it?
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Sam Gerard: Do you have a weapon?
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John Royce: [after showing he could undo his handcuffs] What's next, fellas, cow tipping?
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What special features are on the DVD?
The R1 US Special Edition DVD released by Warner Bros Home Entertainment in 1998, contains the following special features:Scene-specific audio commentary with director Stuart Baird (it is worth noting in relation to Baird's commentary that the sound mix is extremely poor, with the sounds of the movie being almost at the same volume as Baird's commentary, making it extremely difficult to hear what he is saying in places. Additionally, the back of the box inaccurately advertises the commentary as feature length).Trailers for The Fugitive, U.S. Marshals, Cahill U.S. Marshal and Wyatt Earp3 U.S. Marshals TV SpotsCast & Crew Biographies and FilmographiesProduction Notes (10 pages)'U.S. Marshals: Justice Under the Star'; an 11 minute featurette looking at the history and activities of the real U.S. Marshals'Anatomy of a Plane Crash' (9 featurettes looking at various aspects of the plane crash scene; 'The Crash: A Five-Act Play', 'Model Airplanes', 'Exterior Sets', 'Interior Sets', 'Landing Location', 'Escape Under Water', 'Crash Research', 'Miniature Road' and 'Crash for Crash: U.S. Marshals vs. The Fugitive')The R2 UK DVD, released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (UK) in 1999, contains the 'Anatomy of a Plane Crash' featurette and the Production Notes, but it loses everything else.
Who hired the assassin on the plane?
Mark Sheridan manages to escape custody due to a plane crash brought about by a botched assassination attempt on Sheridan by convicted murderer Vincent Ling (James Sie). It is later explained that the Chinese mob organization behind the framing of Sheridan paid Ling to kill Sheridan to prevent him from talking. They paid off an airport worker to place the gun in the toilet for Ling to use. Subsequently, Xian Chen (Michael Paul Chan) slits the airport worker's throat to keep him quiet.
Is this film available on Blu-ray?
Yes it is. The US edition released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment in 2012, and is region free, contains the exact same special features as its DVD counterpart.
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Photos from cast
Robert Downey Jr. Kate Nelligan