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23 min (approx.)
Animation | Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
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Country: USA
J.K. Simmons
J.K. Simmons
Ultimate Spider-Man
Skai Jackson
Skai Jackson
Ultimate Spider-Man
Drake Bell
Peter Parker
Chi McBride
Nick Fury
Ogie Banks
Luke Cage
Logan Miller
Greg Cipes
Danny Rand
Caitlyn Taylor Love
Ava Ayala
Clark Gregg
Agent Phil Coulson
Did you know?
This is the second Marvel animated series to be aired on Disney XD.
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At the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, it was confirmed that Clark Gregg would provide the voice of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson, the same character Gregg has played in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies released by Marvel Studios, including both Iron Man (2008) movies, Thor (2011) and The Avengers (2012).
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At the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, The Avengers were confirmed as guest-stars on "Ultimate Spider-Man", including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk. This will be the first time that Spider-Man has teamed on-screen with The Avengers in an animated series (since 2010's The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) and the first time Spider-Man and the Hulk have been on the same animated series since 1981's "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends".
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