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Un, dos, tres... responda otra vez

145 min | Spain:90 min (1987-1988)
Comedy | Family | Game-Show | Music
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19 wins
Country: Spain
Paloma Hurtado
Viuda de Poco / ... (263 episodes, 1976-1994)
Teresa Hurtado
Inmaculada 'La Seño' / ... (252 episodes, 1982-1994)
Fernanda Hurtado
Mari-Puri / ... (252 episodes, 1982-1994)
Mayra Gómez Kemp
Herself - Host / ... (195 episodes, 1976-1988)
Raúl Sender
Staff Humorist / ... (168 episodes, 1982-1992)
Staff Humorist / ... (153 episodes, 1983-2004)
Kiko Ledgard
Host (137 episodes, 1972-1978)
Kim Manning
Herself - Secretaria / ... (132 episodes, 1983-1992)
Fedra Lorente
La Bombi
Bigote Arrocet
Staff Humorist / ... (118 episodes, 1977-1992)
Gloria Fernández
Secretaria (106 episodes, 1983-1988)
Did you know?
Due to problems in TVE's archive, hundreds of episodes from the seventies and early-'80s are lost or destroyed. The archive has millions of tapes in kilometers of shelves, that weren't cataloged with computers, from 1964, the year TVE started recording its programs, to 1987. From the first season, which had 54 chapters, only three have survived or are located, "El terror", "El mundo de los toros" and "El Circo", the last one being found just two years ago (2004), and from the second season, being 83 chapters long, only a dozen have been found. It's only from the third season when a big amount of chapters are located, but the first season that is completely located in the archives is the sixth season from 1987. The rest of the seasons are all incomplete.
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The first fifteen episodes of this show had no title or theme at all. It was on the 16th episode where the figure of the topic of the week was introduced. The first topic was "Bullfighters".
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Narciso Ibañez Serrador decided not to credit himself on the first chapters of the first season because his father thought creating a game show would ruin his career and his father, Narciso Ibañez Menta, almost forbade him to do it. When the show became a huge success in Spain, journalists started demanding the name of the father of the creature, and so, from the 16th chapter, in the titles it was read for the first time the famous phrase "Si algo falla, el responsable es... Narciso Ibáñez Serrador" ("if something goes wrong, put the blame on... Narciso Ibáñez Serrador"), a phrase that was used on the titles season after season, even in 2004.
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