Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
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Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

100 min | Germany:92 min (16-rated version)
Action | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Geoff Murphy
Country: USA
Release Date: 1995-07-14
Filming Locations: Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $60,000,000
Gross: $50,024,083 (USA)£1,658,234 (UK)
Nick Mancuso
Nick Mancuso
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Steven Seagal
Casey Ryback
Eric Bogosian
Travis Dane
Everett McGill
Marcus Penn
Katherine Heigl
Sarah Ryback
Morris Chestnut
Bobby Zachs
Peter Greene
Mercenary #1
Patrick Kilpatrick
Mercenary #2
Scott Sowers
Mercenary #3
Afifi Alaouie
Female Mercenary (as Afifi)
Andy Romano
Admiral Bates
Brenda Bakke
Captain Linda Gilder
Sandra Taylor
Kelly, Barmaid
Jonathan Banks
Scotty, Mercenary
David Gianopoulos
Captain David Trilling
Royce D. Applegate
Ryback's Cook
Christopher Darga
Cook #1
Don Blakely
Cook #2
Dale Dye
Captain Garza
James Clark
Train Consultant (as Jim Clark)
Stan Garner
Train Consultant
Silan Smith
Friendly-Faced Engineer #1
Rick Wiles
Kurtwood Smith
General Stanley Cooper
Denis L. Stewart
Holy Mercenary
Jim Dirker
Helicopter Pilot
Todd O. Russell
Ryback's Driver
Warren Tabata
Julius R. Nasso
Hostage #2
Phyllis Davis
Hostage #3
James V. Caciola
Hostage #4
Ginger Lewis
Lady Hostage
Greg Collins
Huey Pilot
Ken Vieira
Helicopter Pilot
Wren T. Brown
Captain Williams
D.C. Douglas
Technician #1
Thom Adcox-Hernandez
Technician #2
Catherine MacNeal
ATAC Assistant #1
Frank Roman
Al Sapienza
Captain #2
Jennifer Starr
ATAC Assistant #2
Ping Wu
SYSOS Officer
Steve Abbott
Train Patron (uncredited)
Anthony Backman
Control Room Officer (uncredited)
Henry Kingi
Mercenary (uncredited)
Ted Shred
Hostage with Knife (uncredited)
Did you know?
Although the Pegasus missile shown in the film is functionally similar, it bears no resemblance to the actual rocket. In real life it features a low profile delta wing in the middle with a traditional vertical and horizontal stabilizer at the rear; as opposed to the 8 fin air-to-air style missile launched from the B2 bomber.
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During initial test runs for filming of the external scenes, sparks from the locomotives caused flash fires along the railroad. The locomotives had to be modified before filming could begin.
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This is the second time Casey eludes the terrorists by hiding in a freezer.
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During the final train collision, all of the Southern Pacific locomotives of the Nevada Petrol Express are shown with their head lights fully illuminated. Only the lead loco should have its lights on.
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Casey hotwires the truck and forcibly breaks the steering interlock to drive the truck away, yet in later images of him driving, there are clearly keys in the ignition.
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Shortly after attempting to send the fax from the payphone, Casey is seen pulling a dead mercenary through a door by his arm, shortly before another mercenary comes down the stairs. Casey grabs the dead guy's left leg to pull it, but both legs move together as the actor moves them himself.
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Travis Dane: [after he makes Grazer One blow up a plane] Boom. Earthquake in midair.
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Travis Dane: [Dane figures out how to stop the Stealths] Turbulence. If it moves, Grazer can see it.
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Mercenary #1: You know, I never considered myself a vicious person. But you, you're like a fucking cockroach! So what do you do when the little bastard shows himself? You squash him, right? Get what I'm trying to say to you here bus boy?
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What are the differences between the British BBFC-18 home video version and the uncut version of this movie?
The British BBFC-18 home video version has been heavily cut in order to obtain a rating and several action sequences involving knives, bone breaking and other cruel violent scenes are missing in this version. A detailed comparison between both versions showing the visual differences (but not the sound cuts) can be found here.
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