Underbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud
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Underbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud

New Zealand:60 min
IMDB rate:
1 nomination
Country: New Zealand
Daniel Musgrove
Marty Johnstone
Thijs Morris
Andy Maher
Jamie Irvine
Detective Ben Charlton
Holly Shanahan
Detective Carole Derwent (6 episodes, 2011)
Joel Tobeck
Gary Majors
Edith Poor
Bonnie Marie Jones (6 episodes, 2011)
Stelios Yiakmis
Big Ari
Gary Young
Chinese Jack
Calvin Tuteao
'Diamond Jim' Shepherd
Andrew Laing
Det. Snr Sgt. Laurie McKenzie / ... (6 episodes, 2011)
Erroll Shand
Terry Clark
Richard Knowles
Det. Sgt. Graham 'Ding' Bell
Mark Warren
Max Bracewell (5 episodes, 2011)
Damien Avery
Detective 'Goose' Gosling
Grae Burton
Peter Miller (4 episodes, 2011)
Scott Wills
Detective Clive Pilborough
Rachel Blampied
Farah Wainwright (4 episodes, 2011)
Colin Moy
Snr Sergeant Skinner
Jason Hoyte
Pat Booth (4 episodes, 2011)
Aaron Ward
'Pommy Harry' Lewis / ... (4 episodes, 2011)
John Barker
Josh Easby (4 episodes, 2011)
Geoff Snell
Keith Aitken (4 episodes, 2011)
Fleur Saville
Sue McPherson (4 episodes, 2011)
Arthur Meek
Doug Wilson
John Leigh
Mack the Mick (3 episodes, 2011)
Will Hall
Greg Ollard
Peter Tait
C.S. Chesterfield (3 episodes, 2011)
Aimie Gestro
Jenny Olsen (3 episodes, 2011)
Grant McFarland
Piak (3 episodes, 2011)
Edwin Wright
Freddie Russell (3 episodes, 2011)
Dawn Adams
Sonya Turner (3 episodes, 2011)
Denise Snoad
Leila Barclay (3 episodes, 2011)
Olivia Tennet
Julie Theilman (3 episodes, 2011)
Tahl Kennedy
Stephen Johnstone (3 episodes, 2011)
Jaime Passier-Armstrong
Isobel Wilson (3 episodes, 2011)
Harry Standbridge
Nicolas Bracewell / ... (3 episodes, 2011)
Gina van Wijk
Poppy Bracewell (3 episodes, 2011)
At the start of episode 2 which is set in the early 70's the airline tickets on the table are for "TEAL" but TEAL had changed to Air New Zealand in 1965.
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