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Union Station

81 min
Crime | Drama | Film-Noir | Thriller
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Rudolph Maté
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Saugus, California, USA
William Holden
Lt. William Calhoun
Nancy Olson
Joyce Willecombe
Barry Fitzgerald
Inspector Donnelly
Lyle Bettger
Joe Beacom
Jan Sterling
Marge Wrighter
Allene Roberts
Lorna Murchison
Herbert Heyes
Henry L. Murchison
Don Dunning
Gus Hadder
Fred Graff
Vince Marley
James Seay
Detective Eddie Shattuck
Parley Baer
Detective Gottschalk (as Parley E. Baer)
Ralph Sanford
Detective Fay
Richard Karlan
Detective George Stein
Bigelow Sayre
Detective Ross
Charles Dayton
Howard Kettner
Jean Ruth
Pretty Girl
Paul Lees
Young Man Masher
Harry Hayden
Conductor Skelly
Eric Alden
Doctor (uncredited)
Trevor Bardette
Patrolman (uncredited)
Richard Barron
Det. Halloran (uncredited)
Ralph Byrd
Priest (uncredited)
Betty Corner
Woman (uncredited)
Robert Cornthwaite
Emergency Room Orderly (uncredited)
John Crawford
Hackett (uncredited)
Isabel Cushin
Clerk (uncredited)
Edgar Dearing
Detective (uncredited)
Mike Donovan
Watchman (uncredited)
June Earle
Nurse (uncredited)
Robert Easton
Con Victim (uncredited)
Dick Elliott
Powerhouse Workman (uncredited)
Edith Evanson
Mrs. Willecombe (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum
Sleeping Train Passenger (uncredited)
Al Ferguson
Detective (uncredited)
Byron Foulger
Horace - Baggage Clerk (uncredited)
Gerry Ganzer
Clerk (uncredited)
Jack Gargan
Tom - Police Stenographer (uncredited)
Sumner Getchell
Police Car Driver (uncredited)
Charmienne Harker
Clerk (uncredited)
Bob Hoffman
Messenger (uncredited)
Thomas E. Jackson
Detective (uncredited)
Jerry James
Con Artist (uncredited)
Barbara Knudson
Clerk (uncredited)
Ethan Laidlaw
Police Detective (uncredited)
George Lynn
Detective Moreno (uncredited)
Mike Mahoney
Patrolman (uncredited)
William Meader
Police Projectionist (uncredited)
Lee Miller
Police Detective (uncredited)
Howard M. Mitchell
Detective (uncredited)
Hans Moebus
Charlie the Chauffeur (uncredited)
Ralph Montgomery
Con Artist (uncredited)
Howard Negley
Conductor (uncredited)
Joe Recht
Messenger (uncredited)
Jack Roberts
Freddie (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock
Doctor (uncredited)
Queenie Smith
Landlady (uncredited)
Douglas Spencer
Stationmaster (uncredited)
Brick Sullivan
Policeman (uncredited)
Bernard Szold
Counterman (uncredited)
Dorothy Vernon
Union Station Extra (uncredited)
Joe Warfield
Manny (uncredited)
Gil Warren
Doctor (uncredited)
Ward Wood
Patrolman (uncredited)
Clifton Young
Ambulance Driver (uncredited)
Fred Zendar
Ambulance Driver (uncredited)
Did you know?
There were 2 former mayors of Mayberry in this movie: Parley Baer (Mayberry mayor Stoner) was a cop and Dick Elliott (Mayberry mayor Pike) was a powerhouse workman.
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The movie shows Union Station in its heyday. Due to closures and a subway that was built, many of the scenes in "Union Station" (ie the scenes involving the ransom payments) cannot be shot again in the same way.
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The chase scene on the elevated train used the Third Ave El in New York City for long shots and the Pacific Electric Railway cars in L.A. for close in shots on the train.
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When Joe Beacom peeks out of the 'Scenic Route' sign before trying to collect the ransom, a black board is moved alongside the camera and can be seen just before we see Joe inside the sign.
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During the chase on the elevated train, portions of the background rear projection that can be seen through the windows of the train are reversed, flipped so that the lettering of signs is backwards. Probably this was done to match the interior angles in the train that had been filmed.
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When Joyce and Calhoun are having their conversation in the café, the amount of drink in her glass changes between shots.
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Lorna Murchison: You will let my father go, won't you?
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Inspector Donnelly: I'll break any man who takes his eyes off that suitcase.
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Joe Beacom: [Sadistically to Lorna about the high tension cables that are all around her] All you gotta do, Cookie, is get up and take a walk. You'll fry so fast it'll curl your hair.
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