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Up the Academy

87 min
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Robert Downey Sr.
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Noble Street @ South Brookville Road, Brookville, Kansas, USA
Wendell Brown
Tommy Citera
Hutch Parker
Oliver (as J. Hutchison)
Ralph Macchio
Harry Teinowitz
Rodney Ververgaert
Tom Poston
Ian Wolfe
Commandant Causeway
Antonio Fargas
Stacey Nelkin
Barbara Bach
Leonard Frey
Luke Andreas
Candy Ann Brown
King Coleman
Rev. MacArthur
Rosalie Citera
Mrs. Bombalazzi
Yvonne Francis
Commandant's Wife
James G. Robertson
Mayor Holt
Rosemary Eliot
Mayor Holt's Wife
Louis Zorich
Sheik Amier
Robert Lynn Mock
Burly Cook
Tyrees Allen
Assistant Cook
Eric Hanson
Tough Upperclassman
Kenneth White
Chester (as Ken White)
Patrick McKenna
Henchman #1
Robert Scopa
Henchman #2
John R. Gallagher
Landmine #1
Jack N. Stewart
Landmine #2
John C. Ryberg
Landmine #3
Charles Lloyd Kephart
Landmine #4
James D. Coddington
Landmine #5
William J.L. Bunting
Military Instructor
Sheri Ann Hoffhines
Candy's Roommate
Annette Katafiasz
Another Girl
Allyson Downey
Platoon Leader
Barbara Lindsay
Butch Officer #1
Linda Myers
Butch Officer #2
Brenda A. Rohr
Tough Girl
Barbara Wisbey
Another Butch Officer
Tanya Boyd
Rev. Ike's 2nd Wife
Ernest Vishneske
Camera Store Owner
Myra Benson
Sheik's Wife
Ron Leibman
Major Vaughn Liceman (uncredited)
Bill Nash
Kevin (uncredited)
Audrey B. Nelsen
Did you know?
Ralph Macchio's film debut.
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Originally conceived as "Mad Magazine Presents Up the Academy", this was an attempt cash in on the magazine's reputation following the National Lampoon's success with Animal House (1978). The editorial staff at Mad Magazine disowned the movie in print and gave it a two page treatment, explicitly pointing out that Ron Leibman had the good sense to have his name removed from the credits. Ultimately, this would be Mad's last attempt at producing live-action entertainment until MADtv (1995) nearly 20 years later.
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True to form, Mad Magazine ran a mini-parody of their own film called "Mad Magazine Resents: 'Throw Up the Ecchadamy'".
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This goof takes place during the scene in the game-room where Oliver, Ike, Rodney, and Hash have devised a plan to trick Chooch into thinking they're not going to try to get the pictures back. You can see the four boys at a pool table with Chooch at another pool table in the background. When the camera cuts to a close-up of Chooch, the balls on his pool table change positions.
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This goof is about the part where Ververgaert informs Liceman about the boys' plan to get the pictures back. While Ververgaert's talking, Liceman says "Will you go ahead?", wanting Rodney to hurry and continue with what what he's saying. Although, when Chooch plays back the conversation on his tape recorder, Liceman says "Will you go on?"
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When the soccer game is being announced, you can see Commandant Causeway is in the stands sitting next to his wife. Causeway reaches over and wraps his arm around Bliss. Then it cuts to a close-up of him, and you can clearly see Bliss is no longer next to him and that seat is empty. His wife also has a gas mask up to her face. Then it cuts back to Keck who is announcing Sisson's performance, and the gas mask is not on Causeway's wife's face, but instead resting on her lap. Then the camera goes to another close-up of Causeway who is asleep on Bliss's shoulder while his wife is itching her nose. But in the immediate next shot, she is setting the gas mask beside her.
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Ike: Just call me Ike.
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Chooch: What does Leisman want more than anything else?
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Leisman: [pickup line] Tickle your ass with a feather?
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