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Documentary | War
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Country: Canada
Budd Knapp
Narrator (voice)
Fred Ashworth
Himself - A-Bomb Mission: 3rd from Left with USN Dress Cap, Plus 2nd Close-up (archive footage)
Kermit Beahan
Himself - A-Bomb Mission: 8th from Left, Plus 4th Close-up (archive footage)
Johannes Blaskowitz
Himself - Surrenders to Foulkes (archive footage)
John Bracken
Himself - Votes, Concedes Election (archive footage)
George R. Caron
Himself - A-Bomb Mission: 5th from Left with GI Work Cap (archive footage)
M.J. Coldwell
Himself - Votes, Concedes Election (archive footage)
H.D.G. Crerar
Himself - with Seaforth Highlander Officer (archive footage)
Karl Dönitz
Himself - Surrenders (archive footage)
Anthony Eden
Himself - at the UN, Pats Stettinius on Back (archive footage)
Thomas Farrell
Himself - A-Bomb Mission: 1st from Left, Plus 1st Close-up (archive footage)
Thomas Ferebee
Himself - A-Bomb Mission: 4th from Left (archive footage)
Charles Foulkes
Himself - Accepts German Surrender at Wageningen (archive footage)
Joseph Goebbels
Himself - Pats Boy Soldier Hübner on Shoulder (archive footage) (as Josef Goebbels)
Hermann Göring
Himself - Removes Insignia After Capture (archive footage)
Adolf Hitler
Himself - with Senior Officers (archive footage)
Bert Hoffmeister
Himself - with Family, with Mackenzie King (archive footage)
C.D. Howe
Himself - with Mackenzie King (archive footage)
Willi Hübner
Himself - Boy Soldier, Iron Cross, Handshake with Goebbels (archive footage)
Alfred Jodl
Himself - Walks Behind Dönitz (archive footage)
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Himself - Addresses UN, Wins Election (archive footage)
Hans Kinzel
Himself - Surrenders to Monty (archive footage)
George Kitching
Himself (with Foulkes, on his left) (archive footage)
Josef Kramer
Himself - Commandant of Belsen, After Capture (archive footage)
Captain MacCabau
Himself - Goes Toward Blaskowitz as Car Arrives (archive footage)
C.J. Mackenzie
Himself - National Research Council, at a Meeting (archive footage)
Vyacheslav Molotov
Himself - at the UN with Eden and Stettinius (archive footage)
Bernard L. Montgomery
Himself - Accepts German surrender on Luneburg Heath (archive footage)
Benito Mussolini
Himself - Corpse in Milan (archive footage)
William Parsons
Himself - A-Bomb Miission: 2nd from Left (archive footage)
Clara Petacci
Herself - Corpse in Milan (archive footage)
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
Himself (with Foulkes, to his right) (archive footage)
Paul Reichelt
Himself (with Blaskowitz, on his left) (archive footage)
Guy Simonds
Misidentification (of George Kitching) (archive footage)
Edward R. Stettinius Jr.
Himself - at the UN, Greets Soviets (archive footage)
Charles W. Sweeney
Himself - A-Bomb Mission: 7th from Left with Cigar, Plus 3rd Close-up (archive footage)
Paul Tibbets
Himself - A-Bomb Mission: 6th from Left with Pipe (archive footage)
Hans Georg von Friedeburg
Himself - Surrenders with Kinzel to Monty, Then with Dönitz (archive footage)
Gerhard Wagner
Himself - with Friedeburg and Kinzel (archive footage)