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Valley Girl

99 min
Comedy | Romance
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Martha Coolidge
Country: USA
Release Date: 1983-04-29
Filming Locations: Du-Par's Restaurant - 12036 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $350,000
Opening Weekend: $1,856,780 (USA) (1 May 1983)
Gross: $16,797,122 (USA) (23 October 1983)
Nicolas Cage
Deborah Foreman
Julie Richman
Elizabeth Daily
Michael Bowen
Cameron Dye
Fred Bailey
Heidi Holicker
Tina Theberge
Lee Purcell
Beth Brent
Richard Sanders
Drivers' Ed Teacher
Colleen Camp
Sarah Richman
Frederic Forrest
Steve Richman
David Ensor
Joanne Baron
Prom Teacher
Tony Plana
Low Rider
Tony Markes
Christopher Murphy
Robby Romero
Camille Calvet
Allyson (as Camille Calvert)
Lisa Antille
Friend At Beach
Theresa Hayes
Andrew Winner
Customer At Counter
Betsy Bond
Laura Jacoby
Karl Johnson
Club Bouncer
Joyce Hyser
Joyce (as Joyce Heiser)
Michael Wyle
Steve Sayre
Club Frisker (as Stephen Sayre)
Wayne Crawford
The Plimsouls
Steven Bauer
Guy In Pink Shirt (uncredited)
Peter Case
Himself (member, The Plimsouls) (uncredited)
Josie Cotton
Prom group singer (uncredited)
Helen Kelly
Girl at the Party (uncredited)
Troy Martin
Rocky Horror Fan (uncredited)
Prescott Niles
Bass player (uncredited)
Did you know?
Randy and Fred each share on-screen scenes and have verbal interaction with three of the Valley Girls; Julie, Stacey and Suzie. However, even though Randy and Fred attend the same 3 venues as Loryn does; the beach, the party and the prom, Fred has the only on-screen scene with her (waiting in the line at the concession stand at the beach)and even in that scene they do not have verbal interaction.
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In the "making of" documentary on the 20th anniversary DVD, Elizabeth Daily admitted that she had no idea how to talk like a Valley Girl. To cover this up, she decided that her character, Loryn, would not actually be from the Valley, but from nearby Malibu instead.
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Julie's parents are played by Colleen Camp and Frederic Forrest. The two also appeared together in Apocalypse Now (1979) where Forrest was a soldier and Camp was a Playmate sent to entertain the troops.
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When Julie and Tommy are at Du-par's, he puts his bracelet on her wrist, but because he does not properly fasten the clasp, one end of the bracelet clearly falls open on the table. Deborah Foreman has to obviously keep her wrist rigid on the table for the rest of the scene in order to keep the bracelet from slipping any further.
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When Steve takes the first few pictures of Julie and Tommy as they prepare to leave for the prom, the lens cap is on the camera. Steve acts as though he does not notice, yet because the camera is an SLR-style camera, the lens cap would have blocked his view through the viewfinder.
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When Randy and Julie see each other from across the room, a blond boy in an orange shirt walks from right to left behind Randy and Fred. Seconds later, the same boy walks in the same direction behind Randy and Fred again.
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Fred Bailey: [warily surveying party food] What you got running here, a bait shop?
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Fred Bailey: So, you wanna dance?
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Fred Bailey: [introducing himself to Julie and Stacey] Hi, I'm Fred. I like tacos and '71 Cabernet. My favorite color is magenta.
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Michelle Meyrink