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Waking the Dead

Germany:100 min | USA:60 min (18 episodes) | 120 min (2 1-hour episodes per story)
Crime | Drama | Mystery
IMDB rate:
2 wins & 4 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2000-09-04
Filming Locations: London, England, UK
Trevor Eve
Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd
Sue Johnston
Dr. Grace Foley
Wil Johnson
DI Spencer Jordan
Tara Fitzgerald
Dr. Eve Lockhart
Claire Goose
DS Amelia 'Mel' Silver
Holly Aird
Dr. Frankie Wharton
Félicité Du Jeu
DC Stella Goodman
Did you know?
When Claire Goose left Casualty (1986) she originally asked to be killed off, but the producers refused. When she began working on this series, the same producers also began working on the show. When she decided to leave at the end of S4 she told the producers they would have to kill her off now.
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All the episodes were two hours long, shown as two one-hour parts on consecutive days of each week.
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In "Cold Fusion", when Spence examines the signing-in book to the building in which the CCU are housed, two of the names shown in the book are Simon Le Bon (famous as a member of Duran Duran) and Bob Carolgees (famous for his comedy act with Spit the Dog). The latter is shown as visiting Superted at the Great Big Gay Bear Company.
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In "Towers of Silence" Boyd visits the freight terminal, apparently at London Heathrow Airport. In the background, a Ryanair plane can be seen on the tarmac - Ryanair do not fly into or out of London Heathrow Airport.
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After the end of the investigation which results in Mel's death, Boyd draws a box with MEL in it on the glass notice board. However, this box can already be seen during at least one of the briefings held as part of this investigation.
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In Episode 1 of Towers of Silence, DS Stephenson tells the 'Collector' that on February 2nd 1998 approx $2Million of Pentium 4 Processors were stolen. Intel didn't introduce the Pentium 4 until November 20th 2000.
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Dr. Frankie Wharton: I don't like the way the semen was left, though.
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Det. Supt. Peter Boyd: If you feel remotely threatened, you call it in.
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Dr Grace Foley: So, we got a murder weapon - that's a breakthrough.
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