Walk on the Wild Side
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Walk on the Wild Side

114 min
Drama | Romance
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Edward Dmytryk
Nominated for Oscar.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1962-02-21
Filming Locations: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Laurence Harvey
Dove Linkhorn
Jane Fonda
Kitty Twist
Anne Baxter
Teresina Vidaverri
Joanna Moore
Miss Precious
Karl Swenson
Don 'Red' Barry
Dockery (as Donald Barry)
Juanita Moore
John Anderson
Ken Lynch
Frank Bonito
Todd Armstrong
Lt. Omar Stroud (as Todd Anderson)
Sherry O'Neil
John Bryant
Kathryn Card
Lillian Bronson
Amy Gerard (scenes deleted)
Ted Jacques
Sheriff (scenes deleted)
Chester Jones
Black Waiter (scenes deleted)
Adrienne Marden
Eva Gerard (scenes deleted)
Paul Maxey
Auctioneer (scenes deleted)
Joni Beth Morris
Little Girl (scenes deleted)
Bill Walker
Black Man (scenes deleted)
Murray Alper
Diner in Cafe (uncredited)
Steve Benton
2nd Van Driver (uncredited)
Nesdon Booth
Cordy Clark
Fat Woman (uncredited)
Crahan Denton
Bit Part (uncredited)
Duke Fishman
Man Listening to Speech (uncredited)
Barbara Hines
Prostitute (uncredited)
Virginia Holden
Prostitute (uncredited)
Alexander Lockwood
Doctor (uncredited)
Edward Mallory
Sidekick (uncredited)
Elaine Martone
Prostitute (uncredited)
Miss Masters
Tony (uncredited)
Patricia Tiernan
Prostitute (uncredited)
Ray Walker
Salesman in Cafe (uncredited)
Willard Waterman
Bit Part (uncredited)
Florence Wyatt
Prostitute (uncredited)
Did you know?
Several contemporary reviewers mentioned that, although the film was set in the 1930s, Capucine seemed to be wearing contemporary (1962) fashions. Director Edward Dmytryk stated that it was because she was the "protege" of producer Charles K. Feldman, who decreed that, despite the film's 1930s setting, she would be dressed in the latest Pierre Cardin designs.
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During the filming, Capucine objected to filming kissing scenes with Laurence Harvey, feeling that he was not manly enough for her. Harvey reportedly replied, "Perhaps if you were more of a woman, I would be more of a man. Honey, kissing you is like kissing the side of a beer bottle."
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According to Penny Stallings' 'Flesh and Fantasy', when Barbara Stanwyck first encountered Laurence Harvey on the set lounging in his gold brocade bathrobe and drinking champagne, she walked up to him and said, "All right, Larry, let's go! Get your ass in gear. We've got a picture to make, and I don't have time for prima donnas!" After a moment of silence, this struck Harvey as highly amusing and he burst into laughter. He and Stanwyck immediately became friends.
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Dove arranges to meet Hallie "the day after tomorrow." But when they meet, he says, "You look different, even since yesterday."
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Kitty Twist: I run the candy concession.
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Preacher: Jezebel! That's right, I mean you! Now both of you sinners are hurrying past.
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World Premiere Took Place When?
The Columbia Pictures film, Walk on the Wild Side, had a special multi-city World Premiere, starting Wednesday, February 21, 1962. On that date the film opened in Chicago at the now defunct Roosevelt theatre, on State street. An ad read: "A side of life you never expected to see on the screen! a new kind of love story . . . This is an adult picture!" . . .
Hedda Hopper Wrote What About "Wild Side"?
Chicago Tribune, Thursday, February 15, 1962, pt. 4, p. 9, c. 7:LOOKING AT HOLLYWOOD'Walk on Wild Side' Bad Film, Hedda Saysby Hedda HopperHollywood, Feb. 14---When Alfred Hitchcock told me he hadn't seen Charlie Feldman's latest picture, "Walk on the Wild Side," I described it for him. Barbara Stanwyck plays the madame of what is facetiously called a "doll house." Capucine, an inmate, likes to go downstaris to visit the gentlemen friends, but she's Barbara's captive. Jane Fonda is one, too. Laurence Harvey tries to remove his dream girl [Capucine] from the premises, and is beaten to a jelly. To make sure the audience knows what kind of a house it is, a beautiful black cat walks down the staris from the upper chambers. When I'd finished, Mr. Hitchcock shook his head, smiled, and said, "It sounds like a lovely film, full of Old Warld charm." . . . Stories such as "Walk" don't amuse me. They don't belong on the screen. Hollywood is borrowing the decadence of European depravity and weaving a rope to hang itself.____________________________
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Photos from cast
Capucine Barbara Stanwyck Richard Rust