War of the Worlds
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War of the Worlds

45 min (43 episodes )
Action | Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1988-10-07
Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Michael Eric Kramer
Michael Eric Kramer
War of the Worlds
Eric Schweig
Eric Schweig
War of the Worlds
Jared Martin
Harrison Blackwood
Lynda Mason Green
Suzanne McCullough
Philip Akin
Norton Drake
Richard Chaves
Colonel Paul Ironhorse
Rachel Blanchard
Debi McCullough
Denis Forest
Adrian Paul
John Kincaid
Catherine Disher
Ilse von Glatz
Advocate #2
Did you know?
Originally, Paramount had conceived the series not as a sequel or for television, but as a film remake of the _The War of the Worlds (1953)_ with George A. Romero slated to direct.
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Catherine Disher was the original choice for the role of Suzanne.
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All the episode titles in the first season are Biblical references.
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In one episode, an actor dressed as an alien jumps down from an air duct onto a human. As he jumps, you can see his socks.
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Harrison: What's that explosion?
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Norton Drake: Lightning, thunder... but never any rain.
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Ironhorse: I'm just doing my job, doctor.
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What are the differences between seasons 1 and 2?
In season 1 the enemy are the original aliens from the 1950s invasion who have been reanimated. They appear as giant frog-like creatures in their natural form but can take over human bodies for a period before the radiation they emit destroys the host who often display tell-tale radiation burns. There are tens of thousands of aliens worldwide and most governments are aware of them and have formed their own special units to deal with them, the series focusing on the American team. In season 2 a second wave of aliens arrive and destroy the original aliens for their failure. They are only 100 or so in number and purely human in appearance, bringing the alien diety 'The Immortal' with them. They can no longer take over human bodies but can create clones of prisoners they take to do their bidding. They use these clones to infiltrate the US government and attack the American team, killing Drake and Ironhorse. Unable to trust the authorities any more the team go underground to fight a guerilla style war against the aliens who are situated in the same city which is wracked by a second Great Depression (possibly the result of alien sabotage)
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