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Warm Springs

USA:121 min | Argentina:121 min
Biography | Drama
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Joseph Sargent
Nominated for 3 Golden Globes. Another 10 wins & 28 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-04-30
Filming Locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Jane Alexander
Jane Alexander
Warm Springs
Kenneth Branagh
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Cynthia Nixon
Eleanor Roosevelt
David Paymer
Louis Howe
Tim Blake Nelson
Tom Loyless
Matt O'Leary
Fred Botts (as Matthew O'Leary)
Matt Malloy
Lionel Purdy
Andy Davoli
Jake Perini (as Andrew Davoli)
Nelsan Ellis
Roy Collier
Kathy Bates
Helena Mahoney
Melissa Ponzio
Lucy Mercer
Quint Von Canon
Stephen Teller
Grayce Spence
League Member
Rand Hopkins
Dr. Lovett
Brian F. Durkin
Elliott Roosevelt
Carrie Adams
Anna - Age 19
Georgia Miles
Anna - Age 12
Devon Gearhart
Elliot - Age 8 and 11
Tripp Hennington
Franklin Junior - Age 9
Sam Frihart
John - Age 7
Matthew Stanton
Scoutmaster (as Matt Stanton)
Ron Clinton Smith
Lonnie R. Smith Jr.
Jill Jane Clements
Dave Hager
Pat Doyle
Felicia Day
Eloise Hutchinson
Meggie Geisland
E. Roger Mitchell
Pete Collier
Deborah Duke
Aunt Sally (as Deborah Calloway Duke)
Bob Seel
Cleburne Gregory, Reporter
Brian Beegle
Benjamin Pendergrast
Steve Coulter
Dr. Bissell
Marianne Fraulo
Missy Lehand
Jody Thompson
Woodhall Busey
Frank Hoyt Taylor
Lori Beth Sikes
Mary Beth (as Lori Beth Sikes Edgeman)
Teal Sherer
Chorus Girl #1
Margo G. Dietrich
Chorus Girl #2 (as Margo Gathright-Dietrich)
Laurel Lawson
Chorus Girl #3
Danny Nelson
Sharon Blackwood
Farmer's Wife
Bart Hansard
Stationmaster at Bullochsville
Terry Loughlin
Dr. Peter Hebert
Marc McPherson
Dr. Willis
J.L. Parker
Helena's Driver
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Al Smith
Terrence Gibney
Crony #1
David Silverman
Crony #2 (as David Silverman)
Robert C. Treveiler
Dan Reed (as Robert Trevelier)
Carl McIntyre
Greg Thompson
Ron Goss
Convention Announcer
Tim Blanchard
John Collier
Cafe Patron
Danny Connell
The Piano Player
Dana Delappi
Polio girl in restaurant
Ben Turner Dixon
James Roosevelt (as Turner Dixon)
Justin Warren Downing
Young Doctor
Michael Byrd Elliott
Joey Goldman
Boy Scout
Jordan Guzman
Dave Haney
Azel James
Young Reporter
Roy Larsen
Doctor, Dad having lunch with family
Seth Morris
Andy Rusk
Preston Thompson
Boy Scout
Maxwell Bach
Boy Scout (uncredited)
Ted Boonthanakit
Storyboard Artist (uncredited)
Joe Bosma
Extra (uncredited)
Matthew Browning
Factory Worker (uncredited)
Luanne Byrd
Politician's Wife (uncredited)
Dalton Cole
Student (uncredited)
Clay Cranford
Conventioneer (uncredited)
Jon Everry
Young Doctor (uncredited)
Julie Guy
Democratic Convention Attendee (uncredited)
Jyn Hall
School Marm (uncredited)
Craig S. Harper
Houston Police Officer (uncredited)
Robert Hatch
Doctor (uncredited)
AmyKathryn Jones
Conventioner (uncredited)
Missy Key
Democratic Convention Attendee (uncredited)
David Lowe
Houston Police Officer (uncredited)
Luke Morris
Farmer's Son (uncredited)
Eric Packham
Push Boy (uncredited)
John Fitzgerald Page
Disabled Dignitary (uncredited)
Brett Quinn
Doctor (uncredited)
J.T. Seidler
Pushboy / Lifeguard (uncredited)
Spencer Showalter
Boy Scout (uncredited)
Robert Paul Smith
Roosevelt Supporter (uncredited)
Brian Spencer
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Kitchen Aide
Terrance Thomas
Farmer's Son (uncredited)
Jason Von Stein
Extra (uncredited)
Jerry L. Wallace
Doctor (uncredited)
Joe Walsh
Factory Worker (uncredited)
Steve Warren
1920 Convention Speaker (uncredited)
Nathan Wright
Cafe Patron (uncredited)
Kenneth L. Zirkman
Samuel Mills (uncredited)
Did you know?
Cynthia Nixon who plays Eleanor Roosevelt, shares a surname with another Presidential couple: Richard Nixon and Pat Nixon.
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The cottage in Warm Springs that FDR stays in was filmed at one of the real cottages that Franklin D. Roosevelt stayed in.
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The Democratic Convention of 1924 was Franklin D. Roosevelt's first public appearance since his infection from polio. He made a famous speech nominating Alfred E. Smith aka "the Happy Warrior" for President, but the party instead chose as their champion John W. Davis who in turn lost the general election to a landslide by Calvin Coolidge. Smith was nominated in 1928 but this time lost to Herbert Hoover's landslide. Smith hoped to run again in 1932, but in the intervening years FDR had succeeded Smith both as New York Governor and national champion of the party. Smith was not happy about FDR taking his place and felt betrayed by his onetime pupil.
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When the attendants lift FDR into the pool, the reflection in the water shows Kenneth Branagh's two completely healthy legs, instead of the computer-generated images of legs used throughout the film to represent Franklin D. Roosevelt's disfigured appearance.
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In the opening scene, which purports to be a newsreel from November 1920, we can hear FDR talking and people cheering as part of the film. Film with sound wasn't invented until 1927.
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The closing text states that Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President 4 years after giving the Convention Speech. It was really 8 years: Convention 1924, elected President 1932.
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Tom Loyless: Oh, Peabody'll sell, all right.
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Helena Mahoney: I feel like I've been brought here under false pretenses.
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt: You never pitied me, Tom. Thank you for that.
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Photos from cast
Jane Alexander Mike Pniewski