Water's Edge
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Water's Edge

Germany:93 min (DVD version) | France:101 min
Drama | Thriller
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Harvey Kahn
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Nathan Fillion
Robert Graves
Chandra West
Molly Graves
Ralph Alderman
Byron Kester
Daniel Baldwin
Mayor Block
Douglas O'Keeffe
Officer Campbell (as Douglas O'Keefe)
William MacDonald
T. Wallace
Daryl Shuttleworth
Sheriff Dodd
Andrew Moxham
Robbie Butler
Mark Baur
Joe Riley
Donna White
Ruth Kester
Brittany Seabrook
Ashley Graves
Clare Stone
Meredith Tanner (uncredited)
In the opening scene, the character of Molly Graves dives into the water wearing a black two piece bikini. When cutting to the shot of her swimming underwater she now also has a purple robe on.
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When Robert Graves shoots the sheriff, the sheriff falls back against his police vehicle and the gunshot wound cannot be scene from the front where he had been shot. In the next cut, the wound can be scene on the sheriff's back.
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Byron Kester: He took care of his property. If he owned it, he took real good care.
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Rae Baines: [disrobing for a skinny dip] I'm sorry, there's just a lot of hot air blowing around.
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Robert: [waking her from a dream] Hey.
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Emmanuelle Vaugier
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