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95 min | 97 min (unrated version)
Comedy | Horror
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Anthony Hickox
2 wins & 4 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1988-06-17
Filming Locations: 637 S Lucerne Blvd, Los Angeles, California, USA
Gross: $808,114 (USA) Filming Dates 14 August 1987 Copyright Holder © Copyright 1988 by Vestron Pictures, Inc. Related Links
Patrick Macnee
Patrick Macnee
Zach Galligan
Jennifer Bassey
Mrs. Loftmore
Joe Baker
Deborah Foreman
Michelle Johnson
David Warner
Waxwork Man
Eric Brown
Clare Carey
Buckley Norris
Dana Ashbrook
Micah Grant
Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros
Jack David Walker
John Rhys-Davies
Nelson Welch
Elderly Man
Miles O'Keeffe
Count Dracula
Christopher Bradley
Irene Olga López
Charles McCaughan
Inspector Roberts
Julian Forbes
Police Driver
Edward Ashley
Professor Sutherland
Kendall Conrad
Girl in Pyramid
J. Kenneth Campbell
Marquis de Sade
Anthony Hickox
English Prince
Staffan Ahrenberg
French Guard
Gabriella Dufwa
Gary M. Bettman
Mark's Grandfather
James D.R. Hickox
Werewolf Killer's Assistant
Dracula's Butler (as Candy)
James Lincoln
Dracula's Man Servant
Merle Stronck
Vampire Girl #1
Joanne Russell
Vampire Girl #2
Ann Sophie Noblet
Vampire Girl #3
Paul Badger
Eyal Rimmon
Egyptian Boy
Kim Henderson
Marquis de Sade Girl #1
Hilary English
Marquis de Sade Girl #2
Nicole Seguin
Marquis de Sade Girl #3
Carolyn Bray
Marquis de Sade Girl #4
Henrietta Folkeson
Marquis de Sade Girl #5
Dan Ireland
Zombie #1 (scenes deleted)
Karen Schaffer
Zombie #2
Leonard Pollack
Zombie #3
Bruce Barlow
Zombie #4
Cliff Wallace
Zombie #5
Dave Elsey
Zombie #6
Gerry Lively
Sir Wilfred's Butler
Steven Santamaria
Taxi Driver
Tom MacGreevey
Inger Armour
College student (uncredited)
Stephen Jacques
College student (uncredited)
Carl Thibault
Additional mummy (uncredited)
Did you know?
In the shooting script, Johnathan is staring at an exhibit of Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th (1980) movies. When Johnathan tells Lincoln about it looked like the same Jason mask from the movies, Mr. Lincoln asks Johnathan: "They made a movie about the Jason killings?" In the film, there is no Jason Vorhees display and Johnathan instead stares at an exhibit of the Phantom of the Opera.
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During the scene in the basement of the vampire's mansion, crew on the sets said that it was "The bloodiest thing ever put to the screen". Much of the gore in the scene was cut by the MPAA.
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Patrick Tantalo said that the Zombie sequence was filmed in one night in Griffith Park. Because they only had one night to film the sequence, the scene where a severed Zombie hand grabs Zach Galligan (Mark) on the wrist was filmed in reverse.
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In the werewolf scene, when the hunters arrive to kill the werewolf, the young one hands the older one a box containing 3 silver bullets. The older hunter drops the bullets and as he is bending down, we see all 3 on the ground. A few minutes later the older hunter loads a silver bullet and shoots the werewolf. We then see Tony beginning to change. The older hunter kneels down to get another bullet and we see 3 intact bullets on the ground.
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After Sarah has thrown the Lumberjack's ax and hits the Marquis de Sade in the back, the Marquis falls dead and lands back-first against the bricks surrounding the large vat of boiling wax. However, the brick wall visibly wobbles and shakes when the Marquis collides onto it.
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When China enters Dracula's dining room, from the front Dracula is sitting at the dining table. When it cuts to a back view on Dracula, however, he's standing instead. In the following side shot, Dracula is seated and then he stands up.
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Dracula: Raw meat. You do like raw meat?
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Mark Loftmore: [reading the first bit of the essay he had his maid write for him on 'Dictators'] 'The Trouble with Dictators'. I think dictators are the bad people. They have the shouting voices, and the small moustaches.
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Hans: Velcome to the Vaxvork.
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Are any of the characters real?
The Marquis de Sade was a real person from the 18th century and was famous for his outrageous sexual escapades and love of inflicting physical pain on his partners. However in real life he was French, never killed anyone or even inflicted serious injury upon them and was never considered evil. The term 'sadism' is derived from him. Ironically de Sade survived the French Revolution which killed so many of his contemporary aristocrats because he was in an insane asylum at the time due to his perverted exploits and what were regarded at the time as obscene publications on sexual matters.
What are the differences between the R-Rated cut and the Unrated version of the movie?
Well there are only minor differences between both versions but the Unrated cut of the movie features several extended violent scenes that are missing in the R-Rated version. But the complete difference is less than 10 seconds. Nevertheless a detailed comparison between these versions with pictures can be found here.In Britain a censored Unrated version was released on VHS. Here, two scenes showing Sara being whipped were cut. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be seen here.
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