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We Bought a Zoo

124 min
Comedy | Drama | Family
IMDB rate:
Cameron Crowe
1 win & 7 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-12-23
Filming Locations: 990 N. Allen St., Pasadena, California, USA
Opening Weekend: $9,450,000 (USA) (25 December 2011)
Gross: $75,621,915 (USA) (13 May 2012)
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson
We Bought a Zoo
Lauren Sanchez
Lauren Sanchez
We Bought a Zoo
Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning
We Bought a Zoo
Matt Damon
Benjamin Mee
Thomas Haden Church
Duncan Mee
Colin Ford
Dylan Mee
Maggie Elizabeth Jones
Rosie Mee
Angus Macfadyen
Peter MacCready
Patrick Fugit
Robin Jones
John Michael Higgins
Walter Ferris
Carla Gallo
Rhonda Blair
J.B. Smoove
Mr. Stevens
Stephanie Szostak
Katherine Mee
Michael Panes
Kym Whitley
Todd Stanton
San Diego Vet
Peter Riegert
Delbert McGinty
Roberto Montesinos
Hugo Chavez
Desi Lydic
Shea Seger (Lasagna Mom)
Erick Chavarria
Sam Fox
Dustin Ybarra
Ben Seeder
Alice Marie Crowe
Parrot Lady
Michelle Panek
Sarah Tanner (Vet Assistant)
Gary D. Robertson
Male Zookeeper
Nicole Russell
Reid Peters
Taylor Victoria Cerza
Zoo Patron
The Birdman
Zoo Patron
Steve Bessette
Zoo Patron
Kate Yerves
Zoo Patron
Hal Alpert
Zoo Patron
Caroline Elizabeth Hanna
Zoo Patron
Leslie Trotter
Zoo Patron
David James Pryce
Zoo Patron
Benjamin Mee
Visiting Family
Ella Mee
Visiting Family
Milo Mee
Visiting Family
Sammi Yorn
Visiting Family
William Crowe
Zoo Kid
Curtis Crowe
Zoo Kid
Johnny Cicco
Zoo Staff
Alexia Barroso
Zoo Staff
Thomas R. Baker
David Dustin Kenyon
Shannah Barrett
Party Girl
Christie Kittelsen
Zoo Lover
Machelle Glassburn
Zoo Lover
Gabriel Escalante
Bart the Bear
Buster the Bear
Buster the Bear
Crystal the Monkey
Crystal the Capuchin
Spar the Tiger
Solomon the Lion
Ronnie the Binturong
Nicole Andrews
Joyce Jameson
Morgan Bertsch
Popcorn Stand Girl
Natascha Borg
Zoo patron
Daniel John Chase
Zoo Employee (uncredited)
Timothy 'TJ' James Driscoll
Parrot Man
Diamond Nicole Landeen
Donation Girl
Ryan M. Lee
Zoo Patron
Adam Loyd
Zoo Patron
Stevie Mack
Zoo Patron
Tyler Jameson Martinez
Zoo Patron
Lily Rains
Sentimental Mother
George F. Watson
Zoo Patron
Did you know?
At the end, Benjamin Mee takes his children to where he met their mother, he takes them through that day's encounter, where Benjamin worked up the nerve to talk to his future wife with "20 seconds of courage," asking her why such an amazing woman would talk to someone like him. His wife responds, "Why not?", echoing the reason why Benjamin bought the zoo in the first place.
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Amy Adams, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Rachel McAdams were considered for the role of Kelly Foster.
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In the memoir on which the film is based, Katherine remains a predominant character up until her death halfway through. In the film, however, her character is dead from the beginning and appears periodically as an apparition.
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When the bear is in town the car sitting at the stop sign in the background is completely empty.
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The weight of the bear is stated once as 650#, then later as 750#; Lily's age is stated by aunt as 13, then by other characters as 14.
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When the family is driving through town, on their way to their new house, right after they pass by Little Dom's, you can see movie trucks down a side street.
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Duncan Mee: Travel the stages of grieving, and yet, stop just *before* zebras get involved.
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Benjamin Mee: You seem really calm.
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Dylan Mee: I get it now, okay? I get why you can't stand me!
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What song is heard when Benjamin is looking for new houses to buy?
'Airline to Heaven' by Wilco. The complete list of songs heard in the movie can be found here with corresponding scene descriptions.
Where is the real zoo that the film is based on?
The real zoo is based in Devon, England. It was formerly known as the Dartmoor Wildlife Park and reopened in July 2007 as the Dartmoor Zoological Park.
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Photos from cast
Scarlett Johansson Lauren Sanchez Elle Fanning