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We the Living

94 min
Drama | Romance
IMDB rate:
Goffredo Alessandrini
1 win & 1 nomination
Country: Italy
Release Date: 1942-10-20
Filming Locations: Scalera Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Alida Valli
Alida Valli
We the Living
Raf Vallone
Raf Vallone
We the Living
Fosco Giachetti
Andrei Taganov
Rossano Brazzi
Leo Kovalenski
Emilio Cigoli
Pavel Sjerov
Giovanni Grasso
Stephan Tishenko
Annibale Betrone
Vassili Dunaev
Elvira Betrone
Maria Petrovna Dunaev
Sennuccio Benelli
Cesarina Gheraldi
La compagna Sonja
Silvia Manto
Gioia Collei
La piccola Acia Dunaev
Bianca Doria
Irina Dunaev
Lamberto Picasso
Il capo della G.P.U.
Claudia Marti
Lidia Augounova
Evelina Paoli
Galina Petrovna Argounova
Mario Pisu
Viktor Dunaev
Gina Sammarco
Guglielmo Sinaz
Gero Zambuto
Alexej Argounov
Walter Lazzaro
Uno studente
Alfredo Anghinelli
Il commissario degli alloggi
Leo Garavaglia
Il tisiologo
Paolo Ferrara
L'addetto ai posti in sanatorio
Clelia Bernacchi
Fernando Simbolotti
Pia De Doses
Did you know?
The film is based on the novel "We the living" by Russian-born author Ayn Rand. When director Gofferdo Alessandrini read the book, he immediately thought it would make an excellent screen epic, but Italy was at war with the United States and acquiring rights to the novel would be a major obstacle. Taking advantage of the laisser-faire policy of the time, Alessandrini and screenwriter Anton Majano simply decided to use the novel and base their screenplay on it. Whilst he was working on another film (Nozze di sangue), Scalera Film, the production company, asked several other writers to rewrite scenes and alter the dialogue from the existing screenplay, but the final draft ended up being so different from the screenplay produced by Alessandrini and Majano that they both decided to start shooting without a script and just follow the book. The pair wrote scenes at night and handed them to the actors in the morning. As weeks went by, it soon became clear to them that it would take longer than the customary three weeks of shooting to finish this film. They also realised that there was enough material for two films, but they chose not to share this information with the actors for fear they would demand to be paid double. Despite the fact that Rand's book is an overt criticism of the communist regime and ideology, the fascist Ministry of Culture soon became aware that Alessandrini was also using the film as a platform to criticise the Mussolini government. The shooting was interrupted several times by fascist officials who demanded to see the rushes, but Alessandrini had two edited copies of the film: one that would be in line with the fascist ideology and another one which reflected his own vision of the story. In September 1942, after nearly five months of shooting, the film was completed and presented at the Venice Film Festival where it was awarded the Volpi Cup. It went on general release in November of the same year as two separate films, "Noi Vivi" and "Addio Kira!" and proved to be a resounding success with the Italian public who regarded it as an indirect indictment of the Mussolini regime. But the authorities soon got wind of this and the film was banned after five months, all copies seized and ordered to be destroyed but fortunately one negative was kept and hidden. After the war, Scalera Film approached Ayn Rand to secure the literary rights to the film so it could be re-released but she refused. A few years later, Scalera Films went into receivership and as part of the inventory of Scalera films, both "Noi Vivi" and "Addio Kira!" were turned over to a holding company, which relegated them to a vault where they remained for over twenty-five years. It was not until the late 1960's that Ayn Rand was able to locate the original nitrate negatives, still in good condition in the vault in Rome. Both films were restored, combined into one, and released (with English subtitles) in 1986 as "We the Living" at the Telluride Film festival in Colorado where it received rave reviews, over forty years after its original release.
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