What's Your Number?
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What's Your Number?

106 min | 117 min (director's cut)
Comedy | Romance
IMDB rate:
Mark Mylod
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-09-30
Filming Locations: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Budget: $20,000,000
Opening Weekend: $5,421,669 (USA) (2 October 2011)
Gross: $14,008,193 (USA) (20 November 2011)
Joel McHale
Joel McHale
What's Your Number?
Anna Faris
Ally Darling
Chris Evans
Colin Shea
Ari Graynor
Daisy Darling
Blythe Danner
Ava Darling
Ed Begley Jr.
Mr. Darling
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Eddie Vogel
Heather Burns
Eliza Coupe
Kate Simses
Tika Sumpter
Jacquelyn Doucette
Sheila's Mom
Chris Pratt
Disgusting Donald
Denise Vasi
Sondra James
Plant Lady
Zachary Quinto
Boyfriend Rick
Jason Bowen
Danielle Perry
Tyler Peck
Mike Vogel
Dave Hansen
Martin Freeman
Andy Samberg
Gerry Perry
Nadine Jacobson
14 Year Old Ally
Colby Parsons
14 Year Old Jake
Thomas Lennon
Dr. Barrett Ingold
Anthony Mackie
Tom Piper
Lonnie Farmer
Maître D’ at Italian Restaurant
Ivana Milicevic
Dave Annable
Jake Adams
Aziz Ansari
Ed Jewett
Bronwen Booth
Officiant at Wedding
Ben Hanson
Security Guard at Wedding
Elio Lo Russo
Accordion Player
Dale Place
Man at Library
Alyana Barbosa
Kid #1
Molly Goldfarb
Kid #2
Jackson Walsh
Kid #3
Henry J. Grabowski
Kid #4
Aaron Belyea
Daisy's Band Member (as Aaron C. Belyea)
Carl Alleyne
Daisy's Band Member
Damon Carter
Daisy's Band Member
Jaime Galarza Jr.
Daisy's Band Member
Johan Narsjo
Daisy's Band Member
Penni Layne
Daisy's Band Member
Steve Bankuti
Daisy's Band Member
Larry Jackson
Daisy's Band Member
Jon Bistline
Colin's Band Member
Eliot Hunt
Colin's Band Member (as Eliot M. Hunt)
Eli Scheer
Colin's Band Member (as Eli T. Scheer)
Shawn Marquis
Colin's Band Member
Onur Dilise
Quartet Member
Ann Dillon
Quartet Member
Emily Wolf
Quartet Member
Robin Ryczek
Quartet Member
Andy Favreau
Brett Ainslie
Wedding Attendee (uncredited)
Kilo Alexander
Bar Boy (uncredited)
Stephanie Atkinson
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Brian Bradbury
Wedding Guest / Paparazzi (uncredited)
Grand Wedding Party (uncredited)
Kasey Canzano
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Shannon Carter
Renaissance Bride (uncredited)
Chemi Che-Mponda
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jonathan Cornett
Commuter / Businessman (uncredited)
Ashley Daniels
Christopher J. Davis
Man in the Library (uncredited)
Tovah Duffaut
Child at the Park (uncredited)
Alex East
Bar Woman (uncredited)
Emmy Farese
Girl at Polish Wedding (uncredited)
Susan Farese
Cafe Patron / Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jimmy Flynn
Boy in Playground (uncredited)
Carlyne Fournier
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
John Franchi
Wedding Singer (uncredited)
Alexander 'Alex' Garde
Boy in Park (uncredited)
Nolan Godfrey
Barbara Guertin
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
J. Gulinello
Political Guest (uncredited)
Matt Heron-Duranti
Marisa Iacomini
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Frankie Imbergamo
Pedestrian / Driver (uncredited)
Richard Italiano
Board Room Director (uncredited)
Ashley Jermaine
Girl with Balloons (uncredited)
Teale Kate
Cafe Patron (uncredited)
Kathleen Kennedy
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Krystal Kenville
Dancer (uncredited)
Jeffery Kincannon
Senator (uncredited)
Ren Knopf
Formal Party Guest (uncredited)
Joshua Koopman
Paul Lussier
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Dan Marshall
High-End Restaurant Patron / Commuter / Dancing Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jeff Martineau
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Robert Masiello
Gala Event Guest (uncredited)
Marely Mercedes
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jacqueline Monet
Restaurant Girl (uncredited)
Leigh Nicole
Extra (uncredited)
Jackson Nicoll
Steve Osemwenkhae
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Chris Palermo
Italian Wedding Party Singer (uncredited)
Kevin Pasdon
Step-cousin Beau (uncredited)
Laura Pizzuti
Italian Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jordan Puzzo
Football Boy (uncredited)
Michelle Romano
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Karli Rose
Girl with Balloons (uncredited)
Manajhjanihe Royalle
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Salvatore Santone
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Sacco Sarkis
Waiter (uncredited)
Dakota Shepard
Waitress (uncredited)
David L. Tamarin
'T' Passenger (uncredited)
Kenny Thibodeau
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Joseph Trichilo
Extra (uncredited)
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Jason Venezia
Man on Train (uncredited)
Randy Walker
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Anthony Wozniak
Italian Groomsman (uncredited)
William Xifaras
Italian Strong Man (uncredited)
Did you know?
Three different Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes are in this film: Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), The Avengers (2012), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015); Anthony Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson/Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014); and Chris Pratt, who plays Peter Quill/Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).
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Anna farris is actually married to chris pratt
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Most of the magazine articles depicted at the beginning of the film are closely related to the events in the plot: "Change too for your man" (Ally constantly changes herself to please others), "Stalking your ex" (the main part of the plot involves Ally contacting old ex-boyfriends), "Does he only want your bod?" (Colin is at first attracted to Ally physically), "Less than perfect: A daughter's story of pleasing her mother" (Ally settling for the wrong guy to make her mother happy), "Be a dude -not- a douche" (the evolution of Colin's character as the plot evolves), "When your sister is just plain better than you" (Daisy is doing better in the relationship front than Ally), "Decorating your bedroom with him in mind" (the one seen the longest, it foreshadows Ally having to accommodate to Colin's presence in her apartment during his hideouts).
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About 17 minutes into the movie when Ally is about to toast everyone in the club, she is holding a half empty shot glass. Then it shows she has a full glass right before she takes the shot.
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In the beginning of the movie, Anna Faris's top is purple but when she goes into the bathroom it is black. The color changes back to purple on returning from the bathroom.
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When Ally is taking a shower and she remembers the name "Valerio" she got out to write it down, she is wearing skin-color hot pants.
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Ally Darling: Where's my coffee pot?
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Colin Shea: I don't know why you care so much about your number anyway
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Jake Adams: Well if I wasn't your first, at least I can be your last.
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What are the differences between the R-Rated and Unrated Version?
An Unrated Version was released for the home media market that features 16 additional scenes not present in the R-Rated Version. In total nearly 11 minutes of new footage can be found in the Unrated cut, mostly prolonged story sequences but also some nudity. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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