When Worlds Collide
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When Worlds Collide

83 min
Family | Sci-Fi
IMDB rate:
Rudolph Maté
Won Oscar. Another 1 nomination
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Calabasas, California, USA
Richard Derr
David Randall
Barbara Rush
Joyce Hendron
Peter Hansen
Dr. Tony Drake
John Hoyt
Sydney Stanton
Larry Keating
Dr. Cole Hendron
Rachel Ames
Julie Cummings
Stephen Chase
Dr. George Frye
Frank Cady
Harold Ferris
Hayden Rorke
Dr. Emery Bronson
Sandro Giglio
Dr. Ottinger
Kirk Alyn
Rioter Bringing Guns (uncredited)
Robert Chapman
Student (uncredited)
Gene Collins
Newsdealer (uncredited)
James Congdon
Eddie Garson (uncredited)
Marcel De la Brosse
Headwaiter (uncredited)
Estelle Etterre
Traveler (uncredited)
Sam Finn
Complaining Man at Airport (uncredited)
Paul Frees
Narrator /
Art Gilmore
Paul (uncredited)
Charmienne Harker
Student (uncredited)
Ramsay Hill
French U.N. Representative (uncredited)
Walter Kelley
Student (uncredited)
Hassan Khayam
Indian U.N. Chairman (uncredited)
Rudy Lee
Mike (uncredited)
Freeman Lusk
Rudolph Marsden (uncredited)
Chad Madison
Student (uncredited)
Wayne Mallory
Student (uncredited)
Dolores Mann
Student (uncredited)
William Meader
Jerry (uncredited)
Joseph Mell
Glen Spiro
Leonard Mudie
British U.N. Representative (uncredited)
Mary Murphy
Student (uncredited)
Gay Nelson
Leda (uncredited)
Keith Richards
Stanley (uncredited)
John Ridgely
Chief Customs Inspector (uncredited)
Frances Sandford
Alice (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
James Seay
Donovan (uncredited)
Queenie Smith
Matron with Cigarette (uncredited)
Harry Stanton
Dr. Zenta (uncredited)
Robert Sully
Student (uncredited)
Richard Vath
Student (uncredited)
Stuart Whitman
Man by Bank During Instigation (uncredited)
Did you know?
In the final shot we see the Ark passengers disembarking with an obvious painted background depicting Zyra. This bad painting was tacked on for the film's sneak previews. Originally, producer George Pal wanted to depict Zyra as a miniature set, but Paramount shipped the film out before this could be done.
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When the effects of Zyra are shown there is a shot of a volcano erupting where the side of the peak falls outward. This same shot was used in other George Pal films, including The Time Machine (1960) and Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961).
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The rights to the story by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer were originally bought in 1933 by Paramount, when director Cecil B. DeMille was planning a related project called "The End of the World." DeMille had hoped to rush the project into production after filming wrapped on This Day and Age (1933), but the script was never even written and the studio scrapped the project.
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Throughout the film, Bellus is referred to as a star; this is presumably how life is able to be sustained on Zyra. However, if this was the case, Earth would have been destroyed from the heat long before Bellus collided with it, even if it was a small brown-dwarf star.
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It is said that if the Bellus-Zyra system stays in the Solar System, retained by our Sun, the temperature on the surface of Zyra, where the human race begins a new existence, would suffer a harmful increase because of the presence of two suns. However, Bellus does not stay in the Solar System; it is also destroyed when it collides with Earth. Therefore, there will be no second sun in the Solar System and no increase in the temperature of Zyra.
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People are visible in the black and white photographs of supposedly deserted New York. The reporter stated that some utility workers had volunteered to stay behind. Even when a city is evacuated, there can always be a few stragglers.
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Dr. Emery Bronson: [handing him money] You will require this for expenses.
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Dr. Cole Hendron, Astronomer at Cosmos Observatory: [Presumably he wrote this line on a banner hanging over the Space Ark camp] Waste anything except TIME. Time is our shortest material.
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Sydney Stanton: Your salvation doesn't interest me; mine does.
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Who was technical advisor on the 1951 film _When Worlds Collide_?
Zecharia Sitchen ? http://www.sitchin.com/
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Photos from cast
Gertrude Astor Kasey Rogers