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Where Eagles Dare

158 min
Action | Adventure | War
IMDB rate:
Brian G. Hutton
1 win & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1969-03-12
Filming Locations: Festung Hohenwerfen, Salzburg, Austria
Gross: SEK 11,639,000 (Sweden) Admissions 1,134,000 (Sweden)
Anton Diffring
Anton Diffring
Where Eagles Dare
Richard Burton
Maj. Smith
Clint Eastwood
Mary Ure
Mary Ellison
Patrick Wymark
Col. Turner
Michael Hordern
Adm. Rolland
Donald Houston
Peter Barkworth
William Squire
Robert Beatty
Brook Williams
Sgt. Harrod
Neil McCarthy
Sgt. Jock MacPherson
Vincent Ball
Ferdy Mayne
Derren Nesbitt
Von Hapen
Victor Beaumont
Col. Weissner
Ingrid Pitt
Richard Beale
Telephone Orderly (uncredited)
Ivor Dean
German Officer #2 (uncredited)
Guy Deghy
Maj. Wilhelm Wilner
Jim Dowdall
Extra (uncredited)
Max Faulkner
Sgt. Hartmann (uncredited)
Harry Fielder
German Soldier (uncredited)
John G. Heller
German Major - at 'Zum Wilden Hirsch' (uncredited)
Lyn Kennington
German Woman (uncredited)
Nigel Lambert
Young German Soldier (uncredited)
Olga Lowe
Lt. Anne-Marie Kernitser (uncredited)
Ian McCulloch
German Officer (uncredited)
Terence Mountain
German Radio Op (uncredited)
Derek Newark
German Major (uncredited)
Anton Rodgers
German Officer at Airfield (uncredited)
Bill Sawyer
Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)
Jack Silk
German Officer at Ammunitions Shed (uncredited)
Philip Stone
Sky Tram Operator (uncredited)
Jim Tyson
Innkeeper (uncredited)
Ernst Walder
Airport Control Officer (uncredited)
Did you know?
This film contains roughly 1472 edits during 151 minutes of action, this equates to an average shot length of about 6 seconds.
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The castle, Schloss Hohenwerfen, is today open to the public and is a falconry. Other than the exterior, the only feature that will be familiar to movie fans is the courtyard.
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In a recent Channel 4 (UK) survey of the top 100 war movies Steven Spielberg voted this as his favorite, mainly due to its sheer "boys own" factor of unreality. He even went so far as to repeat the "Broadsword calling Danny Boy" line.
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The bus stops after the bridge so that it can be booby-trapped. Yet the entire road up to that point had been elaborately booby-trapped. They could have even just briefly stopped and dropped a couple bundles of dynamite in the middle of the bridge with a 15-second timer so that it blew the bridge as they drove away. It made no sense to stop and booby-trap the bridge during the getaway, as it cost them valuable getaway time. But it did add valuable tension to the getaway.
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The common weapon in the movie was the MP40, a German submachine gun. Thee MP40 could fire 500 rounds a minute, and had a magazine capacity of about 40 rounds. In several places in the film, characters fire for extended periods, and yet no one ever has to reload.
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While the presence of signs reading "Militärkommando Hohenwerfen" in the castle would, at first glance, appear to be an error caused by using the actual name of the shooting location Schloß Hohenwerfen (called "Schloß Adler" in the film), similar signs can be seen on other buildings. This indicates that "Hohenwerfen" does not refer to the castle, but to the administrative region (e.g. a municipality) that contains both the village of Werfen and the Schloß Adler.
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Major John Smith: Lieutenant, in the next 15 minutes we have to create enough confusion to get out of here alive.
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Major John Smith: [In the Werfen gasthaus cafe] And who might you be, my pretty Alpine rose?
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SS-Standartenführer Kramer: Let me remind you, Major, I'm a colonel in the SS and not a lieutenant who you can frighten with your threats!
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Did the Germans really have helicopters in World War 2?
Yes, the Germans used a small number of early helicopters in late World War 2 for tasks such as transport and artillery spotting in addition to numerous experimental prototypes. Two Fa 223 Drache ('Dragon') aircraft were actually assigned to the German Army's Mountain Warfare School at Innsbruck so the prescence of a helicopter in the film is surprisingly plausible.
Who killed the 2 other members of the team?
Presumably the trio of double agents killed them because they were suspicious of them and had seen or heard something that betrayed their treason.
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