Whisper of the Heart
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Whisper of the Heart

111 min
Animation | Drama | Family | Music | Romance
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Yoshifumi Kondô
Country: Japan
Release Date: 1995-07-15
Brittany Snow
Brittany Snow
Whisper of the Heart
Youko Honna
Shizuku Tsukishima
Issei Takahashi
Seiji Amasawa (voice)
Takashi Tachibana
Seiya Tsukishima (voice)
Shigeru Muroi
Asako Tsukishima (voice)
Shigeru Tsuyuguchi
The Baron
Keiju Kobayashi
Shiro Nishi (voice)
Yorie Yamashita
Shiho Tsukishima (voice)
Maiko Kayama
Yuko Harada
Yoshimi Nakajima
Sugimura (voice)
Minami Takayama
Kosaka-sensei (voice)
Mayumi Iizuka
Kinuyo (voice)
Mai Chiba
Satoru Takahashi
Akiko Sakaguchi
Hiromi Yasuda
Tatsuya Okada
Yoshihiro Imai
Naohisa Inoue
Tall Friend of Mr. Nishi (voice)
Suguru Egawa
Baseball Analyst (voice)
Shirô Kishibe
Mitsuaki Ogawa
Baseball Announcer (voice)
Toshio Suzuki
David Gallagher
Seiji Amasawa (voice: English version)
James Sikking
Seiya Tsukishima (as James B. Sikking)
Jean Smart
Asako Tsukishima (voice: English version)
Harold Gould
Shiro Nishi (voice: English version)
Courtney Thorne-Smith
Shiho Tsukishima (voice: English version)
Mika Boorem
Kinuyo (voice: English version)
Jeff Bennett
(voice: English version)
Corey Burton
(voice: English version)
Erin Chambers
(voice: English version)
Melissa Disney
(voice: English version)
Cary Elwes
The Baron
Ashley Tisdale
Yuko Harada
Did you know?
"Take Me Home, Country Road" at the beginning of the movie was sung by Olivia Newton-John. The versions which Shizuku sang throughout the movie and at the end were sung by HONNA Youko, the voice actress for Shizuku.
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The town Shizuku lives in was modeled after Seiseki Sakuragaoka, a hilly town in the Tama Hills, in West Tokyo.
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The first and only movie directed by Yoshifumi Kondo.
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It is not clear whether this is a mistake or a hint that the Baron is alive, but in every scene that the Baron is shown, he looks different than the time before (position of hands, cane and hat).
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(At 22:56 - 23:20) When Shizuku first follows Muta the cat into Mr.Nishi's antique shop. Just as Shizuku watches Muta enter the shop - we are shown a golden pig statue sitting on the ground being used as a door stop to hold the shop door open, you can see that it's head is angled so that it is pointed/looking to it's right (to the left from our perspective.) But in the next scene we see that the Pig's head is not angled to either side at all - and is instead shown looking straight ahead.
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Shizuku: [speaking to The Baron] Strange, its as if I have known you for a long time.
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Shiho: Tidy up quickly and take that lunch box to Dad. Shizuku: What?
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Yasunari Tsukishima: Look at her, my little warrior.
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Why does Shizuku's uniform change?
The first (white top) is for Spring/Summer, the second (navy blue) for Fall/Winter. It is one of the subtle indications of the passing of time in the film.
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