Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
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Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

88 min
Drama | Family | Romance
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Steve Miner
Country: USA
Release Date: 1991-05-24
Filming Locations: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
Gross: $7,300,000 (USA) Related Links
Gabrielle Anwar
Sonora Webster
Michael Schoeffling
Al Carver
Cliff Robertson
Doctor W.F. Carver
Dylan Kussman
Clifford Henderson
Kathleen York
Frank Renzulli
Mr. Slater
Nancy Moore Atchison
Arnette Webster
Lisa Norman
Aunt Helen
Lorianne Collins
Elizabeth Hayes
Miss Simpson
Laura Lee Norton
Mrs. Ellis
Michael J. Matusiak
Jeff Woodward
Reporter #1
David Massry
Reporter #2
Cheri Brown
Attractive Girl
David Dwyer
Haley Aull
Little Girl
Ed Grady
Preacher (as Ed L. Grady)
Katy Matson
Kid #1
Wendy Ball
Kid #2
Sam Aull
Kid #3
Carson Aull
Kid #4
Boyd Peterson
Farmer #1
Gene Walker
Farmer #2
Lowell D. Smith
Rick Warner
Mark Jeffrey Miller
Candy Man
Christopher Jones
Shoe Shine Boy (uncredited)
Don Young
Dirt Farmer (uncredited)
Did you know?
Burt Reynolds turned down the role of Doctor W.F. Carver.
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Last acting work of Michael Schoeffling, who quit the film business in the early 1990's to concentrate in his own selling furniture business.
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At the beginning of the film when Sonora rips the lace off her skirt to use as a rope to guide the horse with the lace is short as she puts it on her horse, but then after she jumps on her horse the lace is all of a sudden twice as long.
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When Sonora is learning how to perform a "moving mount," the amount of "blood" on her collar varies between more and less from one shot to another.
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At the beginning of the movie when Sonora jumps the fence on Lightning on the way to school, he only breaks the top board of the fence. When the cows are breaking out of the field through the newly broken fence, both boards are suddenly broken.
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Sonora: I can do it because I can do anything!
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Al: Why did you never answer any of my letters?
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Marie: I am an actress! Not a circus performer! I am going to New York City. Next time you see me I am going to be a big star! And you will still be shoveling manure!
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