Wire in the Blood
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Wire in the Blood

50 min (6 episodes) | 69 min (8 episodes)
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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1 win & 6 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2002-08-20
Kaye Wragg
Kaye Wragg
Wire in the Blood
Andrew Westfield
Andrew Westfield
Wire in the Blood
Robson Green
Dr. Tony Hill
Mark Letheren
DS Kevin Geoffries
Emma Handy
DC Paula McIntyre
Mark Penfold
Dr. Ashley Vernon
Simone Lahbib
DI Alex Fielding
Hermione Norris
DCI Carol Jordan
Did you know?
The title "Wire in the Blood" is a phrase that comes from T.S. Eliot's "Four Quartets": "The trilling wire in the blood / sings below inveterate scars / appeasing long-forgotten wars." As for the meaning, in an interview Robson Green said the phrase was taken to mean a genetic kink, something impure and unusual in the blood, that leads to the kind of psychosis Dr. Tony Hill might deal with. Series writer Val McDermid says: "Who knows what Eliot really meant by that line? Robson's explanation is as good as any. For myself, I've always taken it to be a metaphor for the thrill of adrenaline surging through the bloodstream. But we'll never know for sure".
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The plastic "blue bag" that Tony Hill is often seen with was gleaned from Robson Green's research for Wire in the Blood, which involved spending time with revered criminal psychologist Julian Boon, who Green describes in part as an "extraordinary, intelligent, nice guy who carried his life in a blue bag and travelled on a double-decker bus. No-one looked at him twice."
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