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Without a Trace

60 min
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Won Golden Globe. Another 17 wins & 36 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2002-09-26
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Did you know?
During each episode, a 15-second presentation appears, asking the public for help in finding real-life missing persons. The FBI provides a picture and descriptive information about the missing person to be displayed with a voice-over message recorded by one of the series stars.
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The original title of the show was "Vanished", but when CBS opted to pick it up the title was changed to "Without a Trace".
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A few episodes are based on real life disappearances.
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There are a number of scenes which indicate that the show is actually shot in Los Angeles and not New York, where the show is supposed to take place. There are several supposed one way streets with double yellow lines painted down the middle (which do not exist in New York), large blue street signs (which are used in LA, as opposed to NY, which uses green street signs), and house numbers on each street painted into the sidewalk in front of each house, which is also not done in New York, but instead in Los Angeles.
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In more than one instance, suspects being interviewed with a polygraph answer all the control questions (Is your name John Doe? Are you 39?) truthfully. In reality, a suspect is told to answer all the control questions "yes", whether true or not, to determine the accuracy of the polygraph machine.
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Samantha: So, what do you think their odds are?
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Danny: [after a boy goes missing at Yankee Stadium] This would've never happened at Shea.
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Samantha: [about a missing person's father] He's barely got a pot to piss in and he's taking his daughter to a $300 dinner on a Saturday night?
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How did it end?
The team investigated the disappearance of a deep sea diver who left a picnic with his girlfriend and her son to respond to a cell phone call instructing him to dive at a specific set of coordinates, where he found three bodies encased in cement. After the man's girlfriend is kidnapped, the team learns that one of the man's former co-workers was injured in an accident and can no longer dive, and has ever since been dealing drugs. Jack finds the girlfriend's son hiding in a closet; after being questioned a few times, he finally tells the team that he overheard the kidnappers talking about where they were taking his mother. Jack, Vivian, and Martin track down the kidnappers and rescue the girlfriend; Jack interrogates one of the kidnappers, who gives him the coordinates of where the diver was being taken. Martin finds the diver and his former coworker on a boat, where the coworker has just forced the diver to dive for a stash of drugs lost at sea-- which resulted in the murders of the three people from the beginning of the episode. Martin subdues the coworker and rescues the diver, bringing to a close the final missing persons case of the series.Meanwhile, Jack reflects on how poor of a parent he has been after Hannah asks Sam to speak to him on her behalf and convince him to let her return to Chicago. Jack and Hannah have a heartfelt talk during which she agrees to stay with him in New York so that they can work on their relationship. Afterwards, Sam and Jack break up-- Jack feels that his daughters will always get in the way of their relationship, and Sam wants to start a family with Brian and Finn.The episode concludes with the team leaving the office to attend Danny and Elena's wedding at City Hall. The camera pans to the white board, and photos of all of the people the team has rescued over the seasons flash quickly across the screen.
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