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Wizards of Waverly Place

USA:22 min | USA:30 min (including commercials)
Comedy | Family | Fantasy
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Won 2 Primetime Emmys. Another 34 wins & 48 nominations
Country: USA
Selena Gomez
Alex Russo
David Henrie
Justin Russo
Jake T. Austin
Max Russo
Jennifer Stone
Harper Finkle
Maria Canals-Barrera
Theresa Russo
David DeLuise
Jerry Russo
Did you know?
In the Sub Station, there is a poster in the background for "Sublet", which is a blatant nod to the musical "Rent", as the word "sublet" is a synonym for "rent", and the posters are designed in similar styles.
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As of today it is still the longest Disney channel show. With 106 episodes
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The hardware store is called Greenwald's Hardware, which is a reference to creator Todd J. Greenwald.
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When the sun rises during the opening credits, it goes to the north (upper left). In the northern hemisphere (series is set in New York City), the sun heads southwards just after sunrise.
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What about the werewolf storyline?
In episode Season 2, Episode 2: Beware Wolf, it is revealed that when you kiss a werewolf, you turn into a werewolf. But when Alex dates Mason, she kisses him all the time, & never becomes a werewolf. Why not?In Season 3, Episode 9: Wizards vs. Werewolves Mason explains that Alex did not turn into a werewolf because he is a pure-blood.
Didn't Alex and Max technically kill Stevie? Why was she even considered evil?
From show creator Todd J. Greenwald's (@ToddJG) official Twitter:"Dear IMDBers: Stevie was fused back together and sent of to an island for 6 months of "Soul Rehab....""She now lives a happy, fulfilling life back in the Wiz World with her new dogs, Mark and Susan. Will you ever see this as an episode? No."And in the show, Stevie was thought to be evil because she tried to get rid of the Wizard Council's wizard competition rules. While protesting an old-fashioned government rule isn't "evil," please remember that this is a sitcom made for kids.
Whatever happened to Dragon?
This question is asked surprisingly often. To be honest, no one knows what happened to the Russo's family "dog" from "Curb Your Dragon." Show producers have been asked this many times, but the basic answer is: make up your own theory. Because not even Max knows what happened to Dragon, as revealed in the season three episode "Max's Secret Girlfriend."Jerry: Is there anything you didn't tell her?!Max: Yeah, I didn't tell her about the dragon dog, because I still have no idea what happened to that.
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