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World of Giants

30 min (13 episodes)
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Nathan Juran
Country: USA
Release Date: 1959-09-05
Filming Locations: England, UK
Marshall Thompson
Mel Hunter (5 episodes, 1959)
Arthur Franz
Bill Winters (3 episodes, 1959)
Mel Hunter: It was up to me to be careful 3600 seconds of every hour. I couldn't expect the rest of the world to live my way. To the rest of the world, my problems are not a matter of life and death. The Bureau guards many fantastic secrets. But none quite so fantastic as Mel Hunter - me. Following my escape from a nightmare behind the Iron Curtain six months ago, I watched along with 14 doctors and 17 scientists and saw myself shrink to the size of a six-inch ruler. The shrinking had stopped. The scientists were still hoping, still working on my case and I was still a special agent... a kind of *special* special agent.
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Mel Hunter: Down through history, man's survival has been dependent upon his adaptability. You learn fast when your life is at stake. No one knows this better than I. My own life is in jeopardy 24 hours a day. Still, in the six months since my accident, I have learned to get up in the morning as if nothing had actually happened.
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Mel Hunter: Bill Winters. Good old Bill. Without him, I didn't want to think what life would be like without Bill. Even *with* Bill, I'd never be safe, no matter where I am. Things most people wouldn't notice could mean death to me.
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