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World Trade Center

129 min
Drama | History | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Oliver Stone
4 wins & 7 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2006-08-09
Filming Locations: Clifton, New Jersey, USA
Budget: $63,000,000
Opening Weekend: $18,730,762 (USA) (13 August 2006)
Gross: $70,236,496 (USA) (15 October 2006)
Nicolas Cage
John McLoughlin
Maria Bello
Donna McLoughlin
Connor Paolo
Steven McLoughlin
Anthony Piccininni
JJ McLoughlin
Alexa Gerasimovich
Erin McLoughlin
Morgan Flynn
Caitlin McLoughlin
Michael Peña
Will Jimeno
Armando Riesco
Antonio Rodrigues
Jay Hernandez
Dominick Pezzulo
Joe Starr
Subway Rider
Jon Bernthal
Christopher Amoroso
William Jimeno
Port Authority Officer (as Will Jimeno)
Nick Damici
Lieutenant Kassimatis
Jude Ciccolella
Inspector Fields
Martin Pfefferkorn
Homeless Addict #1
Razame de la Crackers
Homeless Addict #2
Nelson Peña
Street Hood #1
Marcos Palma
Street Hood #2
Andre Ward
Port Authority Hustler
Lisa Yuen
Port Authority Tourist
Cliff Bemis
Desk Cop
Harmonica Sunbeam
9th Avenue Hooker
Ned Eisenberg
Officer Polnicki
Nicholas Turturro
Officer Colovito
Danny Nucci
Officer Giraldi
Tyree Michael Simpson
Officer Washington (as Tyree Simpson)
Kevin Feely
Plain Clothes Officer
Mark Elliot Wilson
Street Businessman
Tawny Cypress
Bleeding Woman
Robert Blanche
WTC Desk Officer
Tom Wright
Officer Reynolds
Terry Quinn
Fire Fighter in Concourse
Ed Jewett
Wisconsin Cop
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Allison Jimeno
Maria Helan
Allison's Co-Worker (as Maria Helan Checa)
Brad William Henke
Allison's Brother
Patti D'Arbanville
Donna's Neighbor
Donna Murphy
Judy Jonas
Nicky Katt
Volunteer Fireman
Lucia Brawley
Will's Sister
Kimberly Scott
Sergeant King
Dara Coleman
Officer Boel
Tiffany Romano
Bianca Jimeno (as Tiffany Marie Romano)
Gregory Jbara
Accountant in Karnes Office
Michael Shannon
Dave Karnes
Jordan Lage
Karnes' Pastor
Wass Stevens
Pat McLoughlin
Peter McRobbie
Allison's Father
Dorothy Lyman
Allison's Mother
Julie Adams
Allison's Grandmother
Tony Genaro
Will's Father
Aixa Maldonado
Will's Mother
Jay Acovone
Donna's Male Neighbor
Howard Samuelsohn
Downtown Resident
David H. Ahl
National Guard Officer at Barricade
Arthur J. Nascarella
Fire Chief at Ground Zero (as Arthur Nascarella)
Thom Prin Jr.
Fireman at Ground Zero
Steve Chappell
Figure of Jesus
William Mapother
Marine Sergeant Thomas
Thomas F. Duffy
NYC Command Centre Operator
Stephen Dorff
Scott Strauss
Frank Whaley
Chuck Sereika
Stoney Westmoreland
Paddy McGee
Tommy Asher
Fireman in Hole
Charles A. Gargano
Port Authority Commander (as Charles Gargano)
Thomas McHale
Port Authority Sergeant
Lalanya Masters
Allison's Nurse
Greg Collins
Will's Rescue Fireman
Scott Fox
Firefighter #1 John's Rescue
Louis Raimondi
Firefighter #2 John's Rescue
Victor Spadaro
Firefighter #3 John's Rescue
John Kiernan
Firefighter #4 John's Rescue
Liz A. Randall
Will's Arrival Nurse (as Liz Randall)
Roger R. Cross
Will's Doctor (as Roger Cross)
Jossara Jinaro
Will's Operation Nurse
Joseph Esposito
Fireman Joe
Gary Stretch
John's Paramedic
Viola Davis
Mother in Hospital
Kurt Caceres
John's Rescue Fireman
Lola Cook
Olivia Jimeno
Basilina Butler
Ground Zero Volunteer (as Basil McCurry)
Douglas J. Aguirre
Officer Bavli (uncredited)
Nick Rey Angelus
Injured Trade Worker #2 (uncredited)
Rob Armstrong
National Guardsman (uncredited)
Michael Arthur
Officer #1 (uncredited)
Amanda Saphire Billingham
Teenage Junkie (uncredited)
David Boston
Motorist (uncredited)
Barry Brisco
Paramedic (uncredited)
Luna Rocio Cantale
Victim 2 (uncredited)
Francesca Casale
Donna's Friend (uncredited)
Robin Dill
Police Captain (uncredited)
Jonathon Downs
Volunteer at Stretcher Handoff for John McLoughlin (uncredited)
Barbra Dunn
Bleeding Woman (uncredited)
LynNita Ellis
NYC Paramedic (uncredited)
Benjamin Fitch
NYPD Officer (uncredited)
Paul Grace
NYC Command Center Officer (uncredited)
Jay Gutierrez
Street Pimp (uncredited)
Sean Hampton
Doctor (uncredited)
Frank Hopf
Port Authority Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
Lou Irizarry
Officer Stolzman (uncredited)
Edward M. Kelahan
NYC Pedestrian (uncredited)
Carolyn Kennedy
Port Authority Patron (uncredited)
Katia Louise
Family Member (uncredited)
Pamela Martin
Tourist With Bag (uncredited)
John C. McDonnell
Pittsburgh Officer (uncredited)
John C. McGinley
Fireman (uncredited)
John McLoughlin
Himself (uncredited)
Franco Moscon
NY Policeman (uncredited)
Robert Myers
Commuter (uncredited)
Kai Nuuhiwa
EMT (uncredited)
J. Woodward Palmer
Fireman (uncredited)
Loukas Papas
NYC Port Authority Pedestrian (uncredited)
Lalo Reyes
Nurse (uncredited)
Brieann Rich
FDNY Paramedic (uncredited)
Michael Rich
Boy with Dog (uncredited)
Nicholas Rich
NYPD ESU Paramedic (uncredited)
Buster Rojas
Firefighter (uncredited)
Stuart Ross
Firefighter (uncredited)
Vincent James Russo
Concerned Spectator (uncredited)
Business Woman (uncredited)
Norman Schleiffer
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Steve Shampine
NYC Fireman (uncredited)
Matthew Shields
Will's Rescue Fireman (uncredited)
Maz Siam
NYPD ESU #4 (uncredited)
Donn Andrew Simmons
Surgeon (uncredited)
Arne Starr
Man in Lobby (uncredited)
Klatann Thomas
ESU Worker (uncredited)
Pete Turner
Ed (uncredited)
Did you know?
Maria Bello doesn't have blue eyes in real life.
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The real life William Jimeno made several appearances in the film and is credited as "Port Authority Officer #1".
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The first theatrical film to recreate the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.
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Multiple characters are observed drinking Bud Light bottles with clear plastic labels. These labels were not seen on Bud Light bottles until 2004.
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When the group of guys exit the lift and see the large line of people, a boom mic is reflected in the window of the Crabtree & Evelyn shop.
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The scene outside the port authority building has a shadow of AA flight 11 moving over the officer from his right to left, which he followed visually, indicating a northerly flight path at that time of day as the sun would have been in the southeast sky. Flight 11 was headed south and at that time, its path was never between the sun and the port authority terminal, and it struck the north side of the North Tower.
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Dave Karnes: We're not leaving, We're the Marines, you are our mission.
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Will Jimeno: Where did that wind come from all the sudden, Sarge?
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Will Jimeno: Don't fall asleep, Sarge!
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What's the music from the trailer?
The first song in the movie trailer is "Piano Theme" from the World Trade Center Original Soundtrack.The second song heard is the theme song from "The Life of David Gale".
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