Yankee Buccaneer
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Yankee Buccaneer

86 min
Adventure | History | Romance
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Frederick De Cordova
Country: USA
Release Date: 1953-04-17
Filming Locations: Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
Jeff Chandler
Cmdr. David Porter
Scott Brady
Lt. David Farragut
Suzan Ball
Countess Margarita La Raguna
Joseph Calleia
Count Domingo Del Prado
George Mathews
Chief Petty Officer Link
Rodolfo Acosta
Joseph Vitale
Michael Ansara
Lt. Romero
James Parnell
Jay Silverheels
Lead Warrior
Carlos Albert
Spanish Captain (uncredited)
Emile Avery
Seaman (uncredited)
George Bruggeman
Guard (uncredited)
Stephen Chase
Commander Karson (uncredited)
Cecil Combs
Seaman (uncredited)
Norman Evans
Seaman (uncredited)
Duane Grey
Seaman (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton
Seaman (uncredited)
Tom Hernández
Guard (uncredited)
Ed Hinkle
Bosun (uncredited)
Pat Hogan
Seaman (uncredited)
Larry Hudson
Considine (uncredited)
Jack Isbell
Seaman (uncredited)
Gayle Kellogg
Lookout (uncredited)
Juan Lopez
Officer (uncredited)
Manuel Lopez
Guard (uncredited)
Bill Mark
Seaman (uncredited)
John Marshall
Lookout (uncredited)
Ian Murray
Seaman (uncredited)
George Navarro
Spanish Captain (uncredited)
Hugh O'Brian
Opening Off-Screen Narrator (uncredited)
Edmund Penney
Helmsman (uncredited)
Carlos Rivero
Guard (uncredited)
Phil Schumacher
Seaman (uncredited)
Alex Sharp
Lookout (uncredited)
David Sharpe
Sailor (uncredited)
Tom Tamarez
Bit Role (uncredited)
Leon Tyler
Young Sailor (uncredited)
James Van Horn
Guard (uncredited)
Henry Wills
Seaman (uncredited)
Larry Winter
Sailor (uncredited)
Did you know?
David Farragut was born James Farragut, the son of a Spanish merchant captain and Revolutionary War veteran, but was adopted in 1808 by David Porter after the death of his mother and the death of Porter's father on the same day. Happy to have been adopted, the young Farragut changed his first name to David. He was captured at age 12 by the British during the War of 1812 and served during the actions against the Caribbean pirates in 1822.
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David Porter served his country in the undeclared war against France, the Barbary Coast War, the War of 1812. While serving in the West Indies in the action to stamp out piracy (1823-1825), the period covered in this film, he invaded a Spanish town in Puerto Rico to avenge the jailing of one of his officers. The U.S. government did not sanction the action, and he was court-martialed. As a consequence, he resigned his commission to accept the post of Commander of the Mexican Navy (1826-1829).
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While 'Errol Flynn' was recovering from a broken ankle while filming Against All Flags (1952), Universal took advantage of the standing sets by putting together this modest epic during the hiatus.
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Canon were secured against rolling across the decks. The scene where Flint is pinioned by the loose cargo, barrels, and rolling canon would not have happened.
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There is no way one who was tortured on the rack would have been able to stand, much less fight afterwards.
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Porter was stepfather to Farragut, not just another junior officer, and they did not serve on the same ship during the West Indian campaign.
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Cmdr. David Porter: I don't envy you, Mr. Farragut. You win't be the most popular nan after we ride out this storm - if we ride it out.
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Cmdr. David Porter: I'm afraid there's a limit to nobility... even for Americans.
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Cmdr. David Porter: Well, Mr. Link, you're probably witnessing the end of a long and honorable naval career.
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