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30 min
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Nominated for Primetime Emmy. Another 3 wins & 3 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2000-10-02
Filming Locations: 2316 Greenfield Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA
Dan Hedaya
Dan Hedaya
Yes, Dear
Anthony Clark
Gregory Thomas 'Greg' Warner
Liza Snyder
Christine Hughes
Jean Louisa Kelly
Kim Warner
Mike O'Malley
Jimmy Hughes
Did you know?
All 4 of the main stars has a link to Massachusetts. Mike O'Malley was born in Boston, Jean Louisa Kelly was born in Worcester, and Liza Snyder was born in Northampton. Star Anthony Clark was born in Virginia, but he went to Emerson College in Massachusetts, and did stand up comedy in Boston clubs.
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In the day-dream sequence where Greg contemplates the benefits of having new neighbors (guest stars Shelley Long and Alan Thicke), Long appears out of nowhere with a beer and Greg says, "That was fast," to which Long replies, "I used to work in a bar," an obvious reference to her stint on Cheers (1982).
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When Billy makes his first appearance, Jimmy introduces him to Greg. However, in Jimmy and Christine's wedding video, both Billy and Greg are in the wedding.
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When Emily is born, Sammy is two. About 13 episodes later, Sammy is still two, but Emily is now also two.
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In the opening credits of the earlier shows, the two families are seen crossing a road headed toward a beach. As they switch cameras, Jimmy is shown behind Christine then next to her and then behind her again.
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Logan Hughes: I'm not wearing any of Dominic's old clothes
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Christine Hughes: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Did you guys clean up your toys in there?
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Mr. Savitsky: Warner, give me that Bop-It game!
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