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25 min (462 episodes) | 50 min (337 episodes)
Crime | Drama
IMDB rate:
2 wins
Country: UK
Release Date: 1962-01-02
Filming Locations: Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK
Doreen Keogh
Doreen Keogh
Z Cars
Keith Marsh
Keith Marsh
Z Cars
James Ellis
Sgt. Lynch
John Slater
Det. Sgt. Stone
Douglas Fielding
PC Quilley
Bernard Holley
PC Newcombe
Did you know?
The series suffered from the BBC's lack of a proper archiving policy until 1978. It was BBC policy before 1978 to wipe master tapes and reuse them for other programmes, hence saving money and storage space. From a full tally of 799 editions, 466 (broadcast between 1962 and 1974) are thought to no longer exist; additionally, some colour videotaped episodes only survive as monochrome film copies. The final four series, broadcast between September 1974 and September 1978, exist in their entirety.
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Troy Kennedy-Martin left the show when he felt that the Police were trying to influence storylines in their favour too much. He returned only to write "Pressure", the final edition in 1978 (which also saw the return of original director John McGrath and several early cast-members).
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The famous Ford Zephyr fast response patrol cars were replaced with more up-to-date Pandas when the series was revived in March 1967. This reflected reality, as the Lancashire Constabulary (on which the Z Cars set-up had been largely based) had begun using them whilst the series had been off-air.
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Nick Brimble Trevor Adams Timothy Carlton Lewis Collins Jane Downs Hal Dyer Jonathan Elsom Sally Geeson