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157 min | 162 min (director's cut)
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
IMDB rate:
David Fincher
4 wins & 43 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2007-03-02
Filming Locations: 4th Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $65,000,000
Opening Weekend: $13,395,610 (USA) (4 March 2007)
Gross: $33,080,084 (USA) (3 May 2007)
John Terry
John Terry
Jake Gyllenhaal
Robert Graysmith
Mark Ruffalo
Inspector David Toschi
Anthony Edwards
Inspector William Armstrong
Brian Cox
Melvin Belli
John Carroll Lynch
Arthur Leigh Allen
Richmond Arquette
Zodiac 1
Bob Stephenson
Zodiac 3
John Lacy
Zodiac 4
Chloë Sevigny
Ed Setrakian
Al Hyman
John Getz
Templeton Peck
Candy Clark
Carol Fisher
Elias Koteas
Sgt. Jack Mulanax
Dermot Mulroney
Captain Marty Lee
Donal Logue
Captain Ken Narlow
Ciara Hughes
Darlene Ferrin
Lee Norris
Young Mike Mageau
Patrick Scott Lewis
Bryan Hartnell
Pell James
Cecilia Shepard
Philip Baker Hall
Sherwood Morrill
David Lee Smith
Jason Wiles
Lab Tech Dagitz
Charles Schneider
Cabbie / Paul Stine
James Carraway
Tom Verica
Jim Dunbar
Jimmi Simpson
Mike Mageau
Doan Ly
Belli's Housekeeper
Karina Logue
Joel Bissonnette
Inspector Kracke
Zach Grenier
Mel Nicolai
John Mahon
Riverside Captain
Matt Winston
John Allen
Jules Bruff
Catherine Allen
John Ennis
Terry Pascoe
J. Patrick McCormack
Police Commissioner
Adam Goldberg
Duffy Jennings
James Le Gros
Officer George Bawart
Charles Fleischer
Bob Vaughn
Clea DuVall
Linda del Buono (as Clea Duvall)
Paul Schulze
Sandy Panzarella
Adam Trese
Detective #1
Penny Wallace
Mulanax's Secretary
John Hemphill
Donald Cheney
Michel Francoeur
Man on Marquee
Thomas Kopache
Copy Editor #1
Barry Livingston
Copy Editor #3
Christopher John Fields
Copy Editor #4 (as Christopher Fields)
Stanley B. Herman
Staff Editor
Giovanna Spuria
Hayati Akbas
Hardware Store Customer (uncredited)
Martin Andris
Pedestrian (uncredited)
David Winston Barge
Vallejo Desk Ofiicer (uncredited)
Marlo Bernier
Detective #2 (uncredited)
Felix J. Boyle
Airport Passenger (uncredited)
Geoff Callan
Patrolman Zelms (uncredited)
Brad Carr
Camera Man (uncredited)
Cabran E. Chamberlain
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Rod Damer
FBI Codebreaker (uncredited)
Francois Dominick
Informant #6 (uncredited)
Mitchell Fink
Reporter (uncredited)
Erica Ford
Traveler (uncredited)
Benjamin Hartnell
Extra (unconfirmed) (uncredited)
Bryan C. Hartnell
Man in Hallway (uncredited)
Jonathan Hartnell
Extra (unconfirmed) (uncredited)
Monica Hartnell
Woman in Hallway (uncredited)
Tish Hicks
Informant (uncredited)
Janis Jones
Police Receptionist (uncredited)
Danielle McKee
Prisioner (uncredited)
Jim McNichols
Bill Hamlet (uncredited)
Betty Murphy
Informant (uncredited)
Derris Nile
Office worker (uncredited)
James Joseph O'Neil
DOD Project Leader (uncredited)
Jeff Daniel Phillips
Informant (uncredited)
David Alan Poe
Chronicle Artist (uncredited)
Peter Quartaroli
Patrolman Fouke (uncredited)
Brett Rickaby
Detective Roy (uncredited)
Michael Rose
Navel Officer (uncredited)
Jack Samson
Young David Graysmith
John Sarno
College Professor (uncredited)
Micah Sauers
David Graysmith
Zachary Sauers
Aaron Graysmith
Bill Seward
TV News Anchor (uncredited)
Matthew Shields
Sheriff's Deputy (uncredited)
Ione Skye
Kathleen Johns
Callie Thompson
Child Witness (uncredited)
April Vancelette
Witness (uncredited)
Cassius Willis
Uniform Cop (uncredited)
Shane Woodson
Informant (uncredited)
Did you know?
Two of the lead actors, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr., would go on to co-star in "The Avengers" (and subsequent Marvel Studios releases) as The Hulk and Iron Man respectively.
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David Fincher's template for the film was Alan J. Pakula's All the President's Men (1976).
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After Zodiac's bus threat is released to the public, Robert is discussing "The Water Theory" in regards to how Zodiac chooses his victims (Lake Berryessa, Blue Rock Springs, Washington & Cherry.) The film's palette makes the color blue very prevalent in most of the scenes. Some examples include: Zodiac's letters are written in blue ink. The first is read by the editor who is wearing a blue shirt.When reading the decoded cypher, thus introducing Avery and Graysmith to each other, they are both wearing blue shirts.Robert is wearing a blue shirt in every scene he's in.In Morti's Graysmith introduces to Paul Avery a blue drink called an Aqua Velva. In the following shot with the multiple empty glasses the song "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James & The Shondells.Melvin Belli's suit is navy with a light blue shirt.The woman who pulls over to help a Zodiac victim is wearing a blue jacket.Dave Toschi's suit is light blue when reading Zodiac's Halloween card.Paul Avery's shirt on the plane is blue.Arthur Leigh Allen's work coveralls are dark blue.When Robert is on the phone while his kids are going over his files, the shirt he wears and the phone are both blue.
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The overhead shot of downtown Sacramento in early the early 1970s shows the roof of the Hyatt on 12th and L. The Hyatt was not built until 1988.
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In the scene where Graysmith decides to drive his son to school instead of letting him ride the bus, a 1971 Chrysler Newport can be seen parked at the curb behind the bus. The scene is set on October 1969.
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In the scene where the motorcade drives Melvin Belli down Division Street to his meeting with Zodiac, the modern San Francisco skyline is visible.
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Paul Avery: Methinks our friend's a tad bit fuckered in the head.
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Robert Graysmith: Did he say they got a print?
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Robert Graysmith: Paul, are you okay?
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What are the differences between the original version and the Director's Cut later released on DVD?
The directors cut offers five minutes of new plot scenes. Most of the news scenes are slightly extended dialogue sequences but there are also three new longer scenes. A detailed comparison can be found here.
Why does the movie not show the first confirmed Zodiac killing?
The movie claims to be based on "actual case files" and uses actual reports to construct the killings. In the Vallejo and Lake Berryessa attacks one of the victims survived to describe what happened. In the Paul Stine shooting witnesses saw the attack occur. In the first attack which can be conclusively attributed to the Zodiac, that of David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen, there were no survivors or witnesses and so the film makers decided to not show the killing rather than try to reconstruct it based on forensic evidence. Robert Graysmith believes that in the Faraday/Jensen killing the Zodiac parked behind their car and approached as he did in the Ferrin/Mageau shooting. Faraday and Jensen appear to have been exiting the car and Graysmith believes that Zodiac shot Faraday first, after which Jensen tried to run and was shot.
Was the Zodiac killer ever caught?
No, he was not. There have been multiple suspects, but none have even been arrested. If he is still alive, it is believed he must be at least 60 years old. It is presumed that he is dead. The case is still officially open and is regarded as a "cold case". According to Wikipedia, the case was reopened again sometime before March of 2007.
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