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November 30, 1947
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Some Facts
Actress Vidhyavthi( Ambujam) was Jayalalitha's mother Sandhya's sister.
Jayalalithaa was born to Jayaram, a lawyer from Srirangam and and his wife Vedavalli on 24 February 1948 and was named 'Komalavalli' at birth. As per Iyengar custom, 2 names are given and so came the name Jayalaithaa.
MGR-Jayalalithaa pair acted in 28 films and of them 28 were box-office hits from 1965-1973. 19 of their hit films were platinum jubilee hits and 8 were golden jubilee hits.Thier only silver jubilee hit film was Anamitta Kai and reason for it being only silver jubilee hit was it was a black and white film released in 1972. Their first film as a pair was Ayirathil Oruvan.
The year 1966 establish her as the highest paid actress in Tamil film industry. She had 9 consecutive hits in same year. Motoram Sunderampillai(26th January),Yaar Nee(14th April), Kumari Penn(6th May, Chandrodhayam(27th May), Muharassi(18-August), Thanipiravi(16th September), Lorry Driver(7th October), Major Chandrakant(11th November) and Gowri Kalyanam(11th November).
When she did her Arangetram, which is function conducted when formal training of a girl ion dancing gets over , her chief guest was Sivaji Ganesan. He praised the little girl Jayalalithaa saying she looks like a queen sitting in golden throne. (Thangapadakamm).
Personal Quotes
[on marriage] It just never happened. I did like the idea of marriage as any young girl would. Every young girl dreams of meeting the perfect man, meeting her Prince Charming, of marrying him and living happily ever after. I too had those dreams as a teenager, as a young girl. If my mother had got me married me off at the age of say eighteen, even if it was an arranged marriage, I would've settled down happily into domesticity and I would've been perfectly content looking after my home, raising children...but then life taught me that such things don't happen to everyone and it's unrealistic to expect happiness in life.I was the most in demand heroine from 1967-1977 and then started working for public in different ways from 1980. I would have not got opportunity to serve public had I got married of after retiring as the lead female heroine in 1980 or had I got married instead of becoming actress.
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[on her father and paternal grandparents]My father was gentleman of leisure. My paternal grandfather was the palace medical surgeon in court at Maharaja of Mysore. He had built up fortune but my father squandered away the family fortune.He died when I was only 2 years old and my mother was 20
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[on whether she missed having a complete family] Not at all. I value my freedom, my independence. And looking around me at so many failed marriages, looking at all the unhappiness that people have to endure in bad marriages, and in many families, I've seen the way children are so ungrateful to their parents. Nowadays, young people are so insensitive they just abandon their aged parents, throw them away into old people's homes, and when I see all this, I think it's a good thing I never got married, and I never had any children. From 1980 in public life, I have got immense satisfaction in working for the common man. The people of Tamil Nadu are my children and I have always shown them the right way in which they should lead their life.
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[Her reaction when her mother Sandhya died] I was lost. I was like a babe in the woods, blindfolded, because Mother was my whole world, and she never taught me anything practical. You see, she kept me so sheltered. Mother was only 47 when she died, so no one thought she would die so young. She probably thought she would be around a long time to take care of me and she probably thought that I was so overburdened with work that these other things could come later, but then the net result was I was left absolutely helpless when she died. I didn't know anything about running a house. I didn't know how to operate a bank account. I didn't know how to write a check. I didn't know the meaning of income tax. I didn't know how many servants we had. I didn't know what their salaries were. I didn't know what the producers were paying me in the films in which I was acting. So being an innocent babe lost in the woods, everyone could see that I was so naive, and vulnerable, and innocent. Everyone took advantage of me, so I had to learn everything the hard way.
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[on whether she fell in love with actor and politician M.G.R.] I think everyone who met him fell in love with him. He was a charismatic figure.... He was a very warm and caring kind of person, and after mother died, he replaced her in my life. So he was everything to me. He was mother, father, friend, philosopher, guide, everything to me. He sort of took over my life. Its wrong to say I had any affair with him just because I had 28 hits with him. He was 31 years elder to me and was married person. He gave me very good films and good roles.Inspired me to work for public and be honest to my profession and not be corrupt.
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