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Katie Lohmann
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January 29, 1980
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Katherine Lohmann
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1 win.
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Some Facts
Is of German and Irish descent.
Was on the cover of 944 magazine with Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez.
Is a big fan of Disney's animated features, and growing up had the nicknames Tinkerbell and Bambi given to her by her older brother.
Drives a light blue Jaguar.
Her first appearance in Playboy was in December 1999.
Personal Quotes
I love Ozzy Osbourne. He is just so sweet. When I met him the first thing he did was introduce me to his wife Sharon Osbourne, who is lovely, too. People say the Osbournes are a dysfunctional family. I can see they love each other very much, and that is what really matters. People just love to be negative.
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I had never seen a shrink until I started shooting LA Shrinks.
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Hollywood didn't discover me, I discovered myself.
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In order to be a successful actress, your inner beauty and emotions must be on the surface.
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I'm much more comfortable being a redhead than I am being a blonde.
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