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Kelly Ripa
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October 02, 1970
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Kelly Maria Ripa
7 wins & 28 nominations.
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Some Facts
Continuing to host Live with Kelly and Michael (1988) and enjoying hiatus from her sitcom Hope & Faith (2003), which has been renewed for a third season. [May 2005]
Her mentor was Regis Philbin.
Her father, Joe, is a Camden County Freeholder (New Jersey version of a County Commissioner.) He was first elected in 2002.
Good friend of her Hope & Faith (2003) co-star Faith Ford and Finola Hughes.
Sat opposite her co-host, Regis Philbin, on a celebrity edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (2001) in 2001, and won $250,000 for charity.
Personal Quotes
I'd rather not have a moment when I'm known for my looks; being funny and interesting lasts longer. (Woman's World, 7 Feb 2006)
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She was a lady. I can't tell you enough what a good person she was, and fun and vivacious and the most full of life. (On Natasha Richardson's death.)
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The higher the heel, the happier I am! I have a pair of five-inch pumps that I consider my 'flats.'
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There's no such thing as an uber-mom. I think children are like pancakes. You sort of ruin the first one, and you get better at it the second time around.
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Appreciate every second - even when you're exhausted.
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