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Paula Labaredas
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July 06, 1982
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Paula Maria Esteves Labaredas
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Some Facts
Is of Portuguese descent.
Is a vegetarian.
One of her favorite directors is Adrian Lyne.
Last name "Labaredas" means flame in Portuguese.
Worked with Aids Patients and the Homeless while in college studying social work.
Personal Quotes
Being on stage is the only place I ever felt free as a child. I felt I finally had a voice. I could speak my truth. People were listening.
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I moved eight times within a year going from place to place. I was living out of my suitcase.
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I want to do great work and touch as many lives as I can. Then I feel I have done my part here in the world.
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Acting has allowed me to open up because I am like this catholic school girl.
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They both satisfy me in different ways... The stage satisfies you when you are there at the moment. You are acting from beginning to end... it's a build up... but then it ends and you're just a memory in someone's mind. You can touch hundreds of people, but only at that moment, only that night. With films you can touch millions of lives year after year, 50 years from now, 100 years from now. With film, you capture moments that remain can be part of history forever. That's why I prefer film. I think that's the beauty of film.
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