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Ray Stevenson
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May 25, 1964
Birth Name:
George Raymond Stevenson
1 nomination.
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Some Facts
Is in relationship with Italian anthropologist Elisabetta Caraccia whom he met while filming "Rome". They have a son Sebastiano Derek Stevenson born on 24 December 2007.
Did not start acting until he was twenty-five.
Has a passion for art, especially in water color painting.
Is the third actor to play Punisher in living motion picture. All three actors that played Punisher are of different nationality. The first one Dolph Lundgren is Swedish, second Thomas Jane is American and Ray Stevenson is British.
He and his ex-wife Ruth Gemmell played husband and wife in Peak Practice (1993).
Personal Quotes
You just have to open the newspapers in most Western news to see real violence.
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Humor is a very important thing. It is a natural predilection. It is an emotional release.
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Sometimes, I have lost out on a gig because I was not high enough profile.
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I never thought I would get to have my own action figure.
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It is a tough business but if you get yourself in a situation like I, you can maintain a career over many years. That, to me, is a successful actor.
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