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Sanjay Khan
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January 03, 1941
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Abbas Khan
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Some Facts
Starred in the shelved film " Zid" with Saira Banu. The film was being directed by Dilip Kumar"s brother Nasir Khan. After he passed away , the film was shelved.
Became a grandfather when daughter Suzanne give birth to a baby boy named Rehaan on March 28th 2006 at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai India.
Feroz Khan' step daughter Sonia Sethia ( Sahani) was married to world famous business man Rajendra Sethia. This was Rajendra's second marriage. He was previously married to a woman named Lakshmi and had two daughter's with her.
Younger sister Dilshad Sheikh is the organizer of the world famous Sufi music festival "Jahan E Khusrao" in Delhi.
Brother Shahrooq Khan is married to the sister of Iranian model Bita Vahdati.
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