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Shaune Bagwell
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November 18, 1973
Birth Name:
Shaune Stauffer
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Some Facts
Was a popular radio show host on KKBQ, a Gannett-owned radio station, in Houston, Texas.
Her mother, Elizabeth 'Betty' Stauffer, passed away, at age 81, on February 19, 2008 in Houston, Texas. She had a cosmetic studio at the Galleria Shopping Center in Houston, Texas. Her clients included Gene Tierney and U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.
Has a daughter, Skyler Jaye Knight, born June 21, 2004 with NBA basketball player Travis Knight.
Sister of Spencer Reginald Stauffer and Sterling Scott Stauffer.
Formerly married to MVP baseball player Jeff Bagwell of the Houston Astros.
Personal Quotes
I think that one's life isn't defined by the people who love them, but by the ones whom they love.
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Don't wait for someone to make you a star, simply be one.
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Human nature can sometimes be the catalyst for introspective thought; it becomes easy for one to beset and strive for the demise of another's dreams when we are aware of our own limits, as the aforementioned being's aspirations serve as a brutal reminder of all that we fear.
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Physical beauty is a prison of sorts. Not only does the possessor become a prisoner of the power to obtain anything that one may desire in life; but it also builds impermeable walls that prevent anyone that one may choose to love from experiencing the true components of one's soul.
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I've made my way in the world by wearing a really great dress.
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