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Bobs Watson
Bobs Watson
November 16, 1930
June 27, 1999
Birth Name:
Robert S. Watson
The Crybaby of Hollywood
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Some Facts
'Bobs' is his real nickname, given by his father to distinguish him from another actor named 'Bob Watson'.
Inspired to become a Methodist minister in later years by Spencer Tracy's Father Flanagan performance and Tracy's warm treatment of the boys on the set of Boys Town (1938), of which Bobs was one.
Was one of Spencer Tracy's last visitors before his death. Watson and "Uncle Spence" had become friends while filming Boys Town (1938) together.
Retires after 30 years as a Methodist minister. [June 1997]
Not to be confused with the US comic actor Bobby Watson.
Personal Quotes
For a while, I used to worry that if I gave a really moving sermon, people would just figure that I was still acting, but I got over that. Acting did help me in that it is probably easier for me to relate to many different people than it would be for most men. Actually, I think the ability I was known for around the studios was what has helped me the most as a clergyman. To get me to cry, which is so hard for most kid actors, all a director or my dad would have to do was to tell me about some terrible trouble someone was having. I could always empathize and would burst into tears. Now I just see what can be done to help the person who comes to me with a serious problem. And there is always something. You know, Jesus never ever fails us.
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On what prompted him to enter the ministry: "No matter how pleased I was with my career or my family, I kept hearing, 'Isn't there something more you could be doing with your life?' I was thirty-two years old when I made the decision, hardly the ideal age to enter the ministry, but that's what I did."
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